The Stone Age Collectable Turtle Combo!

Vital Stonetistics

Accessories: Super Sedimentary Sai, Stick 'em Stone Spear, Turtle-textured Saddle & Reins, Bronto Brand
Favorite Food: Tar Pit Pizza
Favorite Sound: Ugh!

Wild and wonderful, with the wind to his shell, Cave-Turtle Raph soars the skies, riding atop his trusty, totally Tubular Pterodactyl. A screech here, an ugh there and you'll know - these primitive pals are in control. Ready for predators, Cave-Turtle Raph is the Mesozoic master of his super sedimentary sai. That's right! This feisty fossil Foot fighter is modern day Raph's great-great-great-great to the 90th power grand-daddy - and when there are big baddies to bash, Cave-Turtle Raph's armed with his stick 'em stone spear. Dippin' and divin', perchin' and preyin', Cave-Turtle Raph and his Tubular Pterodactyl, along with his other Cave-Turtle Teens, take command of the Stone Age with the skill you'd expect from Neanderthal Ninjas


  • Despite being identified as a pterodactyl, Tubular is very obviously a pteranodon.
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