The Stone Age Collectible Turtle Combo!

Vital Stonetistics

Accessories: Battlin' Bronto Bo, Mesozoic Mace, Turtle-Textured Saddle & Reins, Bronto Brand
Favorite Food: Prehistoric Pizza
Favorite Sound: Stompin'

The Foot Clan best get back to the 20th Century where things are a little fairer, a little tamer ad a lot more civilized! Cave-Turtle Don and his Trippy Tyrannosaurus tower through prehistoric times with the weight of a ten ton pizza. Nothing can stop this ancient ancestor of Turtle Don and his souped-up saurus - and everything better move out of their way. Trippy may have a cute name, but he's pure carnivore. And Cave-Turtle Don's got his mesozoic mace and battlin' bronto bo to clear out any cluttered primitive path. Hangin' on to his Turtle-textured saddle and reins, it's hi-ho Trippy for Cave-Turtle Don as he thunders through the Stone Age.

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