People who live in a state of homelessness. Note that, in the context of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this does not include characters who are relatively permanently squatting in a place they call their home, such as an abandoned building, sewer or water tower which may actually be comfortable and well-furnished, or who are living under someone else's roof, though under certain legal definitions, these characters might actually be considered homeless. It also does not include characters who live in the wilderness by subsisting off the land, who might otherwise be thought of as homeless but would reject the notion. For the interests of this category, "homeless people" include street people, destitute vagabonds, people living out of shelters, cars, boxes, shopping carts, and individuals otherwise living day to day in search of food, water, warmth and a place to sleep. Some of these characters may not have remained permanently homeless, but they can be listed if they spent a significant slice of their lives homeless.

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