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Cassandra Jones
Biographical information

Grandma CJ
Foot Recruit


Frenemy (by Michelangelo)

Date of birth

1999 (would be 21-22 today)


Enhanced strength

Weapon(s) of choice

Convertible blades
Baseball bat
Naginata (bent to resemble a hockey stick)


Foot Clan (formerly)

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Cassandra "Casey" Jones was a recurring antagonist in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but has since become an ally of the Hamato Clan. Originally appearing in the first season episode "Hot Soup: The Game", she was a rookie member of the Foot Clan who was referred to only by the title Foot Recruit. It wasn't until she finally forsook the Shredder in the second season episode "Rise" that she revealed her real name.

Physical appearance

Casey is a young woman with black hair in a buzz cut, black eyes, and two mahogany earrings on her left ear. She appears to wear red eyeliner under her eyes, as well as black lipstick.

Casey wears a dark purple sleeveless jumpsuit with puffed pants cut above the knee, a red sash, and mahogany wraps around her arms and legs. She also has a mahogany face mask that she wears during missions.


Casey appears to be overly hyperactive, based on her frantic speech pattern and tendency to shout. She is extremely loyal to the Foot Clan, and always wants to prove her worth to them in any way she can, though she seems to be obsessed with proving herself in battle. However, despite her persistently combative nature, she never engages in a fight without the approval of at least one of her senseis.

Following the Shredder's return, Casey longed to take over the world and prove her loyalty to the Foot Clan, despite them abandoning her. However, after meeting Splinter, she began to question her destiny and her place in the Foot.


  • Ninjutsu
    • Kung fu
    • Fencing
    • Stealth
    • Speed
  • Enhanced strength: Despite her relatively petite build, Cassandra has been shown to possess a remarkable degree of strength, to the extent that she can crush a medium-sized stone block to powder (with a single hand), and smash a large hole through a concrete wall.
  • Portal creation
    • Teleportation


The circumstances of Casey's entry into the Foot Clan are not known, but she has been in training since the age of seven. Later, she was ordered by the Foot Lieutenant to retrieve a Lou Jitsu artifact as her final test. After infiltrating an auction house, she encountered Michelangelo and discovered that he was there for Lou Jitsu merchandise, namely Hot Soup: The Game. She attempted to kill Michelangelo and steal the game but then learned that the game was not what the Foot Lieutenant was after, causing her mission to end in failure.

Despite this setback, she remained with the Foot Clan and later accompanied the Foot Lieutenant and Foot Brute on missions: attempting to bring back Franken-Foot, and stealing part of the Kuroi Yōroi from Sunita. She also worked alongside Baron Draxum as the Yōkai attempted to rise through the ranks of the Foot, and was given the honor of retrieving another shard of the Kuroi Yōroi by him. Upon his taking over the Foot, he then referred to her as his assistant.


Since Casey only switched sides in "Rise", the season 2 finale, many of her former enemies became allies, and some of her former allies became enemies.


  • Foot Brute: Casey assists him in a mission to recover Sunita's Dark Armor boots. Casey ultimately never betrayed the Brute or Lieutenant, showing concern for them trapped under rubble even as the Shredder ordered her to abandon them.
  • Foot Lieutenant: Casey informs him of the whereabouts of a rogue Origami Ninja and assists him in attempting to recover it. Casey ultimately never betrayed the Brute or Lieutenant, showing concern for them trapped under rubble even as the Shredder ordered her to abandon them.
  • The Mad Dogs: Casey was their enemiy for most of the series. They only finally became allies during "Rise".
    • Michelangelo: Mikey was the first Mad Dog that Casey ever faced.
  • April O'Neil: Casey was April's enemy for most of the series. There was a moment in the episode "Always Be Brownies" when Casey and Splinter spoke peacefully with each other, Splinter kindly compared Casey to another young woman he knew. Casey and April only finally became allies during "Rise".
  • Hamato Yoshi / Lou Jitsu / Splinter: Casey was Splinter's enemy for most of the series. Her attitude towards him began to change in "Always Be Brownies", after which she became intensely interested in studying Lou Jitsu's technique despite them still being enemies. In "Rise", an increasingly conflicted Casey finally betrayed the Shredder to save Splinter's life.
  • Baron Draxum: At one near the end of season one, Casey formed an alliance of sorts with Draxum, joining forces to rise through the ranks of the Foot Clan. However, Draxum subsequently betrayed her so he could gain the power. They remained enemies throughout season two, and finally became allies again during "Rise".


  • The Shredder: She was loyal to him for most of the series, only to betray him in "Rise" to save Splinter's life.
  • Big Mama: In the episode "Battle Nexus: New York", Casey discovered that the Shadow Fiend was actually a disguised Shredder, whom Big Mama had enslaved with her mystic ring. Furious, Casey not only freed the Shredder from Big Mama, but she and the Shredder also managed to completely demolish the Grand Nexus Hotel in the process.


  • As revealed in "How to Make Enemies and Bend People to Your Will", Casey had been training in the Foot Clan since she was seven years old.
    • In the same episode, it was also revealed that she applied to multiple clans before becoming part of the Foot Clan, and she was offered acceptance into every one.
  • She appears to be a fan of sports, as seen in her bedroom at the end of "Always Be Brownies".
  • Cassandra Jones is the first female incarnation of Casey Jones in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, as well as the first version of Casey who has yet to be shown wearing a goaltender mask. She remained the only female Casey Jones until the introduction of Casey Marie Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin.
  • She is the second female Jones combatant and ninja in the franchise after Shadow Jones in the Mirage continuity. Like Cassandra, Shadow was trained in ninjutsu and matured into a fierce and hotheaded woman. And during Shadow's teen and college years, she was a goth girl who dyed her hair black and cut it short, though not quite as short as Cassandra's hair. However, unlike Cassandra, Shadow did not join the Foot Clan. She was originally poised to join, and they were eager to have her as a member, but she would end up being trained by Raphael instead after he learned from Renet that Shadow's most likely future as a Foot Ninja would see her dying young at the hands of a Foot Mystic.
  • Prior to her identity reveal in "Rise", many fans mistook her for a new version of Karai before the real Karai of the series debuted beforehand.

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