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Issue #6 of IDW Publishing's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series. This issue provides backstory for Casey Jones, and takes place between issues #12 and #13 of the ongoing series.


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Casey and Raphael are trading barbs while taking down some street thugs who have stolen a woman's purse. Casey tells Raphael about the time he scored two goals in eight minutes in a hockey game, tying up the game and allowing his team to win in overtime. The two knock out all the criminals and return the purse, then climb a fire escape to get away from the scene. 

Back at home, Casey thinks about when he was nine years old and his dad Arnold took him to a frozen lake to practice hockey goalkeeping, and getting hot chocolate afterwards. Later on, Casey and Arnie are woken up by a man named Blake knocking on the door. Blake walks in, accompanied by two large, intimidating men in suits and asks Arnie how his boy is. He thens gets down to the real reason he's here: the money Arnie owes him. Arnold frantically looks through a dresser and retrieves a golden necklace with a charm in the shape of a hockey stick with some jewels embedded in it. Arnold says it should cover his tab, but Blake tells him it won't be enough. Blake gives Arnold forty-eight hours to come up with the rest of the money. 

In a flashback scene, we see Casey visiting his mother in the hospital, in the advanced stages of cancer. Casey has just come from the hockey game where he scored two goals and lead his team to victory in overtime. Casey's mother is holding the golden necklace with the hockey stick charm.

In the present, Casey knows its up to him to do something about his father's gambling debts. Arnold sits on the couch, drunk, angry that the team he bet on is losing. Casey grabs his stuff and heads out to meet up with Raph. Raph is curious as to what Casey is planning, as they had already went on patrol one night that week. Casey tells him they're just keeping an eye on some guys who need eyes kept on them. Casey and Raph (wearing a heavy coat and hood) enter a bar called the Skara Brae. Inside, Blake is taking bets from suckers he knows won't be able to pay him off. Casey sees the golden necklace in Blake's hand.

In another flashback scene, Casey expresses frustration with his father, calling him a stupid drunk. Casey's mother gets angry at Casey, and tells him that his father isn't as strong as he is, and that's his way of coping with losing her. She makes Casey promise to take care of him when she's gone. 

Blake leads the man who just lost a bet outside with his two large friends. The two men are about to start beating the guy who lost the bet when Raph and Casey interrupt. They knock out the two muscle man and Casey tells Blake that Arnold is off-limits from now on, then he knocks him out too. 

Casey arrives home from retrieving the necklace and Arnold wakes up, having fallen asleep on the couch. Casey says he's going to bed and Arnold takes it as disrespect, prompting him to beat Casey. As Casey is pummeled by his father, he thinks back to his promise he made to his mother, his promise to take care of his father and let him feel strong. Severely injured, Casey stumbles to the antiques shop the Turtles are currently living in. They ask how he got injured and if he's okay; he tells them he's fine, he's the strong one.

The story continues directly from this scene in Sins of the Fathers, part 1.




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