Casey Jones
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New York City

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ice hockey stick, baseball bat



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Meet Casey Jones

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Peter David
LeSean Thomas

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Casey Jones is the protagonist of the Dreamwave Productions comic story Meet Casey Jones. While he is based on the 2003 TV series incarnation of the character, there are some key differences in his backstory, and due to the brevity of the comic's run, he never befriends the Ninja Turtles.

As a youth, Casey looked up to his father despite him being a boorish, sexist, violent, anger-prone lout. The elder Jones was under the thumb of the Purple Dragons, and refused to pay up, a decision that Casey did not find to be the most efficient. His father would pay one way or another, though, as the Purple Dragons destroyed his business. The Purple Dragons insisted Casey tell his father to pay up, but Casey was determined to protect his father, and attacked their leader, Hun. This got Casey beaten so bad he suffered brain damage. Casey never saw his father again and reasoned that he had to be dead, since he'd never leave Casey and his mom. His mother left to find him, and never returned either; Casey was sure she was also dead.

In his adult years, Casey had taken to cleaning up the streets of Purple Dragons in vengeance. On one such night, when he interrupted a trio of Dragons accosting a young woman, he was stopped from going too far by a "green frog guy", Raphael. The Dragons got away, and after hitting Raph, he chased them down and tried to finish them off before Raphael intervened again. Raph and Casey brawled, with Casey eventually the victor.

Casey returned home and overheard his neighbor threatening his son again. Casey broke in through the window and was startled to find not only that the neighbor's wife was the woman he saved earlier, but that she was calling Casey a lunatic and both she and the son were defending the abusive neighbor. Casey escaped and crawled back into his own apartment, overhearing the son call his father a hero.

Powers and abilities

  • Armed combat: Casey was adept at utilizing certain sports equipment as a cudgel such as golf clubs, baseball bats, hockey sticks. He was capable of not only beating the Purple Dragons mercilessly, but he won his fight against Raphael.
  • Dexterity
  • Motorcycle operation: Casey can not only ride a motorcycle, but can fight on one as well.
  • Durability

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