Casey Jones
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Ice hockey stick, baseball bat, golf club, sword, sledgehammer



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6' 0" (1.83 m)[citation needed]


195 lbs. (88 kg)[citation needed]



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Casey Jones is a crazed vigilante who goes after all sorts of crime, from armed robbery to littering: apparently adopting a "Filthy Harry" like persona (in "Casey Jones: Outlaw Hero", Raphael says that Casey Jones has been watching too many Filthy Harry movies).

In the classic cartoon Series, he is only a minor character who appears in 5 episodes. He is always a hot-headed avenger who punishes every crime with all his might. It should be noted that you never see his face in the series, since he never takes off his mask, even when once going undercover in a business suit, but does take off his trousers revealing his blue boxers.

This version of Casey does not play a central role in the cartoon, nor does he have a friendship with Raphael but he's still someone the Turtles can count on. He also does not have a relationship with April O'Neil, though she does have his phone number. The two didn't meet until Season 5's "Leonardo Cuts Loose". They team-up with each other in Season 7's "Night of the Rogues" and in Season 8's "Cyber-Turtles". He is, however, one of the few interpretations of the character to wield an actual weapon; in his final appearance for the series in the episode Cyber-Turtles, he duels the Shredder and are evenly matched with a sword (taken, ironically enough, from his golf bag).

His most notable line is "When do I get to break something?", and he also tends to call many villains "scuzzbuckets" and "lawbreaker". He claims that holding back his urge to break stuff will give him an ulcer as he is so used to causing destruction while doing the "job" he loves.

In America, Casey was voiced by Pat Fraley doing a Clint Eastwood impression, while in the Japanese version, he was voiced by Issei Futamata and Akio Ohtsuka (NHK-BS2 Version).

This version of Jones had a non-speaking cameo in the 2012 series episode "The Manhattan Project, Part 1".


The character appeared in only five episodes of the 1987 series.