Case of the Hot Kimono
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 Cartoon) episode
Case of the Hot Kimono Title Card.png
Season Code: 03
Episode: 33
Original airdate November 8, 1989
Written by David Carren
J. Larry Carroll
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"Usagi Yojimbo" "Usagi Come Home"
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Season
October 19, 1989 - December 22, 1989
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Case of the Hot Kimono is a season 3 episode of the 1987 TV series.


The episode begins with April interviewing her aunt, Agatha "Aggie" Marbles. Mr. Thompson slips on the stage on a banana peel, causing him to go into one of his fits of rage. Aunt Aggie does what she does best, finding clues, and figures out that Vernon was the one who threw the banana peel onto the ground. Mr. Thompson says he would like to talk to Vernon about littering. Following the interview, Aunt Aggie deduces that April knows the Ninja Turtles and expresses interest in meeting them.

Meanwhile on the mean streets of New York, Leonardo and Michelangelo are out running errands where they stumble upon two criminals robbing the dry cleaners where Splinter's kimono is being cleaned. Rather than steal the money, they are only taking kimonos that have been cleaned. Leonard takes charge and starts throwing pizzas at the two until they decide to make an expeditious retreat. In their haste they were only able to make it away with one kimono, Splinter's.

April brings Aunt Aggie to the turtle sewer layer where she meets Splinter and the turtles. Leonardo and Michelangelo barge in on the conversation and tells everyone else that Splinter's kimono was stolen. Aunt Aggie decides to help the turtles find the kimono thieves.

We are introduced for the second time in the series to Don Turtelli. When Turtelli finds out that his henchmen only comped one kimono, he goes into a tirade and orders them to go back to the kimono cleaners to get the rest of the kimonos.

The turtles, Aunt Aggie, and April run into the same two criminals from the previous robbery. The criminals make a swift escape by driving off and using oil to slip up the turtles. Aunt Aggie observes the oil and suggests that they use it as a clue to solve the crime. April decides to warn the city about the thefts. Turtelli and his henchmen catch Aprils report. Turtelli dispatches his henchmen to bring April and Vernon back to his penthouse "for laughs."

Donatello has little luck with the oil sample analysis using his equipment. April communicates to the turtles that her and Vernon are going to a warehouse on elm street to check a hot lead from an anonymous informant about the missing kimonos. Aunt Aggie tastes the oil and informs the turtles that the oil is a rare olive oil from the island of "Turtelli." Donatello figures that the only place to get that kind of olive oil is at a warehouse located on elm street. April and Vernon are then kidnapped by Turtelli's two henchmen. The turtles are unable to locate April and Vernon, but find a turtlecom and a channel six camera.

At Turtelli's penthouse, the crime boss inquires from April and Vernon, who are tied up and blindfolded, about kimono information. April defiantly refuses to answer any questions. Turtelli tickle tortures the soles of April's feet. After about 10 seconds, he gives up on her and starts to tickle torture Vernon's feet. However, when asked to confess, he tells that in elementary school he cheated on a test and that he cheated on his income tax return. Frustrated that he has gotten nowhere, Turtelli gives up on the torture and leaves, causing April to praise Vernon for not cracking.

Aunt Aggie and the turtles are unable to find clues that would lead them to the kimono thieves. Aunt Aggie suggests that they set a trap to locate the hideout. A broken Vernon makes irrelevant comments about secrets he's been keeping. The turtles make a fake commercial that Donatello has just opened a new kimono market. The two henchmen are dispatched once again where they take a crate that is filled with the turtles.

The two henchmen bring the crate to Turtelli. The bound pair of Vernon and April decide to escape despite still being blindfolded. The turtles pop out of the box and the turtles are about to punch Turtelli when Aunt Aggie notices that April and Vernon are hopping blindfolded on a ledge behind the window outside. The turtles follow April and Vernon onto the ledge while Turtelli and his crew escapes. April and Vernon have their blindfolds and ropes taken off and accidentally fall off the ledge landing on an awning below. A search of Turtelli's penthouse turns up a paper that reads 'shipping high at 77.'

The good guys decide to check at the city docks. Aunt Aggie spots the Turtelli gang on a boat at pier 77. Aunt Aggie and April board the ship and are spotted by Turtelli and his cronies. The turtles come to the rescue. Turtelli makes a final attempt at an escape in a hidden boat. The turtles recapture him shortly after a small chase. The turtles ask Turtelli about the robberies and discover that he was trying to find the treasure of Emperor Nakamura, and the map was woven into one of the kimonos. Aunt Aggie reveals the map in Splinter's kimono, and informs Turtelli that she'd already led a team that excavated the treasure one year prior.

Back at the turtle lair, Aunt Aggie prepares a healthy pizza for the turtles. The turtles crack a joke. Everybody laughs.


David Bennett & J. Larry Carroll

Character voices


  • Turtles' Lair
  • City Streets
  • Don Turtelli's penthouse
  • Abandoned Elm Street Warehouse
  • Kimono Store
  • Pier 77


Home media releases


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 5
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 3
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Complete Classic Series Collection


Animation errors

  • When Aunt Aggie asks April about meeting the Turtles, her eyes are black with white pupils instead of white with black pupils.
  • When Leonardo goes out on to the balcony to rescue the bound and blindfolded pair of April and Vernon he is seen with Donatello's bo.
  • Inside the kimono crate, Leonardo speaks in Raphael's voice and has Donatello's bo.
  • The Turtles' belts are coloured light brown when they and Aunt Aggie regroup in Turtelli's apartment.
  • Inside the warehouse, Leonardo speaks in his normal voice, but then he speaks in Donatello's voice.
  • Vernon's ankles are tied when he and April fall from the building, but are untied when they land.
  • When April and Vernon fall from the balcony, April isn't wearing her right white boot, but in the next seen she has both her boots on.
  • When the TurtleCycle is seen from the back, the sidecar is on the back of the vehicle!


  • It is revealed in this episode that both April and Vernon are ticklish on the soles of their feet.
  • First appearance of the Turtle Cycle which is the first Turtle vehicle to not receive a proper introduction.
  • April and Vernon are tied up and blindfolded after being kidnapped by Turtelli, and they stand up to escape while he and his henchmen are about to open the box containing the Turtles and Aunt Aggie. April and Vernon are then seen outside the window on the balcony hoping to the left side. It is unknown how the pair were able to know their surroundings despite the fact that they were blindfolded the whole time. It is also unknown as to why they were hopping on the balcony when their feet were not tied with rope.
  • Leonardo calls the Retrocatapult the Pizza Thrower.



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