Cartwheelin karate Don
Hi-ya! Look out! That's no yo-yo -- that's midair flippin', Cartwheelin' Karate Don -- and he always lands on his feet. This Ninja Action nightmare of of perpetual motion always has the upperhand on the Foot, cuz he's just a jump away from a quick cartwhellin' kick. With a quick bend to his right, he leaps to the air and the Foot hit the ground. And to really add to the Foot flailin', Don's got his breathakin' battle bo and fiesty fist daggers to beat and treat the Foot to a sound thrashin'! And if this Green Guy looks familiar, it's because he's fashioned after the original comic book Ninja Turtles -- all that, rolled into one karate-kickin', battle bo-ed blitz boy makes Cartwheelin' Karate Don one cool crusader of the air!


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