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Cardania is the most advanced of the free mutant states following the Big Death. They are also the most similar to the old United States in terms of society, including having an identical constitution. Cardania runs on hydro-electric power but as advanced as they are, they are still no match for their nemesis, the Empire of Humanity.

Most of the population is made up of urban animal mutants (dogs, cats, rats, mice, et cetera). Cardania is very military-oriented, with a militia of approximately 83,000, an elite militia of 6,000, a navy of 150 ships, and a loose scouting organization of 1,500.

Their currency, the Cardanian Buck, is the last remaining denomination of paper money left in the world.

Geographically, Cardania occupies the Delmarva Peninsula and coastal regions of almost the entire Chesapeake Bay shoreline, corresponding to most of the real-life U.S. state of Delaware and large portions of Maryland and Virginia.