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In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures, Candace Fine, also known as Candy Fine or just Candace, was Mondo Gecko's on-again off-again human girlfriend.


Candace (along with Mondo) first appeared in Mondo Metal (Adventures #18), initially both human. Mondo's accidental mutation into a humanoid gecko was too much for Candy to handle, and she broke up with him.

Candace later reappeared in Merdude and Mondo Gecko: Voyage to the Bottom of the Barrel, part 2 of the Merdude three-part series taking place after Megadeath, Part 5 and before The Animus War, Part 1 (Adventures #53). Candy had come to sorely miss Mondo, regretting her decision to break up with him. Her wealthy father bought her a yacht, and hired the metal band Doom Nation to accompany her on the yacht with loud live music to cheer her up, but the music only reminded her of Mondo. While on the high seas, Candy was kidnapped by pirates, who also provoked the attention of Mondo and Merdude while the two were recreationally diving together. The pair tried to rescue Candy, only to discover that she managed to free herself. Upon being reunited, Candy asked Mondo to be her boyfriend again, not wanting to be separated from him again, to which Mondo agreed.

In Megadeath, Part 6, Candy and Mondo sat together on a beach on the Mutanimals' island headquarters, under a night sky full of shooting stars. A meteor fell to the island, crashing near their location.

In Megadeath, Part 7, Scul and Bean emerged from the meteor, and Mondo told Candy to run for safety before he joined the rest of the Mutanimals in battle. But as soon as Scul and Bean were defeated, the Mutanimals were ambushed and massacred with automatic weapons by the Gang of Four. Candy witnessed Mondo's murder from a safe vantage point. Future Donatello and future Raphael arrived soon after through a time portal to discover their friends dead. Don and Raph were attacked by Slash, who heard the attack nearby and assumed the two turtles murdered his friends.

In Terracide, Part 1 (Adventures #55), Candy emerged from her hiding place to tell future Don, future Raph and Slash that it was the Gang of Four who killed the Mutanimals. She was uninjured, but after watching the man she loved mowed down, she thought she would never feel all right again. Candy and the other three turtles buried the Mutanimals together in a single grave, marking it with a gravestone. Together they entered Ray's spacecraft and left the island, stopping to rescue Splinter, Ninjara and the present-day turtles from a crashed airplane, minus Michaelangelo who had been seized by the United States Coast Guard. The group flew to a sandbar to plan their next move, but were attacked by Null, the Gang of Four, and Scul & Bean.

In Terracide, Part 2 (Adventures #56), as a group battle began, future Don dug a ditch for him and Candy to take cover in. Don used the ditch to snipe at their enemies, but it was soon discovered by Fist who knocked Don unconscious, leaving Candy defenseless, but Fist was soon distracted again by an assault by present-day Donatello and Leonardo. Candy was stunned to see what appeared to be Mondo running up to her location. She was joyful that Mondo wasn't dead, to which "Mondo" responded that the real Mondo was indeed dead, and Candy would soon be too. In "Mondo's" eyes, Candy saw a reflection of an image of the Mutanimals suffering together in hell. She fainted, and "Mondo" turned out to be Null, who had used an illusion to manipulate Candy. Null, Scul and Bean escaped with the unconscious Candy to Null's spacecraft as the Gang of Four kept Candy's friends busy. The Gang of Four fought to their own deaths, but Candy was gone.

In Terracide, Part 3 (Adventures #57), Null had taken Candy to Maligna's hive, where he brainwashed her into his plaything. The allied characters flew Ray's ship to the hive; Maligna destroyed the ship, but future Don used his Time-Slip Remote to secretly teleport everyone inside the hive. Slash destroyed the hive's heart, destabilizing its spaceflight and sending it on course to plunge into the sun. During the ensuing chaos, future Don attacked Null, breaking his control over Candy, and she soon regained her senses. Candy and most of the allies hijacked Null's spacecraft to flee the collapsing hive, but Slash stayed behind to hold off their enemies and let his friends escape, knowing it would mean his death.

Candy accompanied the group until Once, Again, Always (Adventures #61), when she and the rest of the allies gathered in the desert to dedicate Slash's memorial and to mourn him and the lost Mutanimals.


  • Her full first name is "Candace," and her last full name is "Fine," but she was never actually referred to as "Candace Fine." If her "full" name was said, it was usually "Candy Fine." After initial introductions, most characters would simply call her "Candy" except for Mondo, who would often with reverent affection call her "Candace" in addition to other more affectionate pet names.


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