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Caesar is a mutant wolverine appearing in Caesar's Weasels, a tabletop role-playing game scenario published in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness, itself first published in 1985 by Palladium Books. Created in a secret government lab in Canada, Caesar escaped with the Weasels and T'Cleass. He hates humans for refusing to see him as an equal. Caesar gets along with the weasels well, but fights often with T'Cleass. He however finds the Bat-Thing too valuable to just kill.

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  • Old Hob, a recurring character in the IDW continuity , has a personality, motivation and skill set strongly resembling Caesar's character design over a quarter century prior. Like Caesar, Hob leads a group of mutants seeking freedom and defense from humans who threaten their freedom or existence. In terms of appearance and gear, both Caesar and Hob wear an eye patch and are always armed with guns, a superficial distinction both characters also share with 2012 TV series character Tiger Claw.
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