C.F. Volpehart
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Wall Street, New York City



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Hair color

Formerly blonde

Out of universe information

2003 TV series

First appearance

The Darkness Within

Created by

Ben Townsend

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C.F. Volpehart was a European explorer around the year 1000 AD. He was summoned to the "New World" by the Necro Monster, appealing to the greed of the Europeans. Volpehart killed a native who had fashioned a spear made from the meteor that accompanied the Necro Monster's descent to Earth and took it. With the monster's influence, Volpehart grew immensely rich.

In the early 2000s, a young man named Ryan stumbled upon a golden coin with Volpehart's name on it whilst working a construction job. Ryan traced the coin to the Volpehart Building and went through a golden door, disappearing. Ryan's sister Angel, worried about her brother, went to her friends the Ninja Turtles for help.

When Angel and the Turtles arrived at the Volpehart Building, they met an old man who claimed to be Volpehart's heir and told them the story of Volpehart.

The Turtles went in through the golden door and tangled with the Necro Monster, rescuing Ryan and finding the Meteor spear and seemingly slaying the beast with it. Upon its defeat, the old man tells Angel he's finally free, clarifying that he himself is C.F. Volpehart moments before crumbling to dust.The Darkness Within


  • Keeping in line with the episode's Lovecraftian themes, C.F. Volephart is an anagram of H. P. Lovecraft.
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