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Bydex is an Utrom friend of Donatello's who wears a powered armor exo-suit. The two have been on at least two adventures together, but only one has ever been published.


At some point in the past, Donatello and Bydex teamed up on an undisclosed adventure. Later, Bydex asked for his help in investigating an ancient planet that was in contested territorial space between the Triceratons and Styracodons. To that end, they were accompanied by a Styracodon guide/chaperone, Sellis.

On the planet's surface, the trio discovered an ancient monument depicting the lineage of the Triceraton and Styracodon species, which seemed to spring from the same common ancestors. This shocked Sellis, as his kind were always taught that the Triceratons were inferior to Styracodons and had nothing in common other than resembling anthropomorphic versions of Earth dinosaur species. Don suddenly trips over a piece of tech that looks more modern, and as Sellis tries to radio his superior, he finds the signal jammed. He finds and alerts the other two that Triceratons are already on the planet.

The Triceratons had unearthed a massive weapon ship, (the "artifact"). Donatello and Bydex are spotted by the Triceratons and fight them off, but their larger and stronger leader, Major Tritan arrives and trounces Don, even knocking him into Bydex. Don uses the Triceraton Major's strength and blind fury into crushing himself with a boulder. With those Triceratons defeated, Bydex flings Donatello into the artifact so he can investigate. After Donatello and the spirit of the mysterious artifact pilot destroy the artifact, Bydex and Don hold a debriefing with the Styracodon brass. Soul Survivor

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