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Burnow Island is an important recurring fictional location in the IDW continuity. It is an island nation in Earth's Atlantic Ocean, previously inhabited by Leatherhead as well as an indigenous human population, which later served as the primary base of operations for General Krang after the destruction of the Utrom home planet Utrominon. The surviving Utroms were held on the island in a long-term ooze stasis, and Krang built his Technodrome to prepare for the eventual terraforming of Earth into a New Utrominon—at the expense of all life currently living on the planet.

In issue #44: Attack on Technodrome, part 4, Krang succeeded at terraforming Burnow Island and some of the surrounding waters, but failed to terraform the rest of the Earth as he was foiled, captured and transported to Planet Neutrino to answer for his many war crimes. Burnow became uninhabitable to non-Utrom life except for Tragg and Granitor who survived temporarily by hiding in caves, and the island became the home base for the Turtles' ally Professor Zayton Honeycutt, who intended to prepare the island as a peaceful refuge for the surviving civilian Utroms still in stasis. Honeycutt also gave refuge to Leatherhead from the terraformed environment until the mutant alligator could securely travel off the island.

Agent Bishop keeps Earth Protection Force ships permanently surrounding Burnow just outside the terraformed region, keeping a constant watch on its Utrom inhabitants.


Burnow Island map.jpg
39.777935N 60.880051W.png
  • In Leatherhead, part 2, when the Utrom scientist Ma'riell and her assistant Leeshawn try to reboot the critically-damaged Professor Honeycutt's positronic brain, a console readout shows that his current location is at GPS coordinates "39.777935,-60.880051". The location on Earth at 39.777935°N 60.880051°W (where there is no real island) is indeed located in the North Atlantic Ocean and about the same distance east from New York City as real-life Bermuda is from the North Carolina coast, but significantly farther north than would be expected for the tropical climate Burnow Island was portrayed with before its terraformation, with the closest real-life land mass being the Canadian province of Nova Scotia to the north-northwest.