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Bungle in the Jungle is the forth issue of TMNT Movie Prequels, released in 2007.



April's life has changed a lot: her and Casey Jones have moved in together and she has been contracted by Mr. Winters to travel the world in search of artifacts for him. His latest desire is a statue called the fourth general that he believes is in the rain forests of Central America. She is given Mr. Winters private jet to have at her disposal and the aid of his enormous monetary assets.

During her travels she picks up a guide named Sebastian and together they search and run down many leads. April even follows some leads and finds Leonardo on his pilgrimage before continuing her quest for the statue.

Upon finding it, Sebastian reveals that it is a powerful god that deserves a sacrifice and attempts to sacrifice her to the statue. He is interrupted and killed, along with his men, as another group, claiming to be Costa Rican Government officials lay claim to the statue. Upon overhearing the leader on the phone saying he will be selling the statue, April hijacks the truck and makes a run for the plane.

She manages to board the plane and have it take off as a massive battle erupts on the airfield over the statue.

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