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Brooklyn S. Bridge
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Big Trouble in Little Italy

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Brooklyn S. Bridge is the owner of the Skara Brae pub, a former Purple Dragon, and the father of one-time Purple Dragon leader Angel Bridge. He is a widower whose wife, Mrs. Bridge, died some years ago, and according to Angel he most missed simply being in her presence.

Brooklyn first encountered the Turtles when a Savate briefcase full of diamonds came into the possession of his old friend Kid Kennedy. He quickly ordered Kennedy, Fight'n Ferguson, Casey Jones and Casey's mysterious friend Raphael into the Skara Brae, where he proposed that they should fence the diamonds and split the proceedings. He was overruled by the other men, but he still came into conflict with the Savate when their boss Fabrice came looking for the diamonds.

Brooklyn later lent the Skara Brae to Casey as a hiding place for the Turtles, Professor Patrick Miller and the Ashi no Himitsu they were trying to keep away from the Foot Clan. However, the battle that resulted caused Brooklyn to see the Turtles and any involvement with them as too dangerous.

When recently-installed Purple Dragon leader and new Foot Clan crony Arnold "Attila the Hun" Jones came looking for Angel at the Skara Brae, an argument broke out between Brooklyn and his former friend, which led to Jones throwing Brooklyn through a table. After Hun had left, Brooklyn chastised Casey and Angel for becoming involved in "things you got no business bein' mixed up in," and blamed them for the unwarranted attention of Hun and the Foot Clan.

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