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Script: Kevin Eastman
Pencils: Simon Bisley
Inks: Simon Bisley
Lettering: Steve Lavigne

  • Cover date: July, 1996


"I feel like i'm in some bad movie"

At the “sanctuary”, Raphael and Casey Jones are stuck in the middle of a three-way gunfight between Johnny’s men, Martin’s men and Dong’s men. The thrill of letting go with machinegun fire has completely overtaken Raph’s senses and he leaves himself open to a shot from Johnny. Casey nails Johnny in the arm with a golf club, sparing Raph, but in retaliation, Johnny shoots Casey through the heart. As the firefight moves away, Raph rushes to Casey’s unconscious body.

Outside, Agent Bode’ of the FBI threatens to take command of Detective Choy’s men if he doesn’t intervene soon. Choy has his hulking brute sidekick, Hector, lay Bode’ out with a punch (snapping Bode's neck). Choy plans to let all three sides wipe each other out so that all he need do is clean up the mess.

As Johnny makes his way to Martin’s throne room, he’s met by Midnight. Midnight tries to reason with him and explain the situation. Dong had masterminded the entire scenario in an attempt to consolidate all underworld power under his and Martin’s rule. Dong was afraid Johnny was getting too good and teamed with Detective Choy to tip-off the raid at Shakkur’s. He then fingered Midnight as the snitch and hired Johnny to kill her, knowing that the chase would lead back to the “sanctuary” where an ambush would be waiting. Martin backs Midnight’s story up, though he reveals that his part in the plan didn’t go off as intended. He wanted the “sanctuary” to be an arena where only those involved in mob matters had to fight and die, thus eliminating the deaths of innocent bystanders in gang hits.

Johnny isn’t having any of it and, throwing down his guns, agrees to fight Midnight in a sword duel in the arena. The two go at it and Midnight proves victorious, stabbing Johnny through the stomach. Johnny tells his sister he loves her and dies in her arms. Midnight returns the sentiment to her departed brother.

In another room, Casey comes to. The bullet from Johnny apparently embedded in his lucky Wayne Gretsky hockey puck! Martin orders his men to shoot them both, but Raph gives an impromptu speech about the beauty and the ugliness of guns, and the speech moves Martin to call his men off. Suddenly, an alarm on Martin’s watch goes off, reminding him that the “sanctuary” is about to explode. Everyone escapes as the church detonates right in Choy’s face. Johnny’s smoking cybernetic limb lands in Choy’s lap and the detective realizes he’s screwed the whole operation up.

Outside the smoking ruins of the “sanctuary”, Casey and Midnight smooch (as Raph gags) and then agree that they aren’t right for each other, parting ways.

Back in Hong Kong, Dong is sure his plan has gone off without a hitch; that is until he receives a package from Choy containing Johnny’s limb and an apology note. Dong is not pleased.

Two days later, Casey and Raph decide it’s time to head back to New York as they buy some hot dogs from two familiar guys (Choy and Hector, who are in hiding from Dong’s men and the FBI). Raph apologizes for getting all whacked-out on gun-lust, but Casey says it’s cool. They then begin the long hitchhike home.

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