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Bodycount > Issue # 3
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Script: Kevin Eastman
Pencils: Simon Bisley
Inks: Simon Bisley
Lettering: Steve Lavigne

  • Cover date: May, 1996


As Johnny works his way through Club Dead, Court leads Midnight, Casey Jones and Raphael to the roof for their escape. Raph offers to cover their rear, grabbing a machinegun and losing himself in the thrill of blowing enemies away with red hot lead. With Johnny Woo ducking for cover, Raph leaps down to the ground and escapes with Court and the rest. Johnny is pissed and, after shooting down a police chopper, decides to wait for his prey at the “sanctuary”.

Detective Choy then arrives at the burning ruins of Club Dead. Horrified at Johnny’s handiwork, Choy decides to set up a stakeout at the “sanctuary” for him. In a diner at Pittsburgh’s Lower East Side, Court comes to the conclusion that none of his goons survived since no one else has shown up at the meeting place. Leaving, Court agrees to take Midnight to see the mysterious Martin at the “sanctuary”.

In Hong Kong, mob boss Dong has a plot to finally solidify his power over the global underworld and he need only double-cross Johnny Woo Woo to do it. Dong then dispatches a unit of his men to the “sanctuary”.

At Pittsburgh’s South Side, Court pulls into an abandoned church. Ushering Midnight, Casey and Raph in through a secret door, they’re met by a nutty spiritual leader named Martin who has foreseen Midnight’s coming and her great role in events that are about to unfold. He then encourages them to arm themselves with what provisions the sanctuary has to offer. Midnight and Raph load up with guns, while Casey finds himself some hockey sticks and a star-spangled hockey mask.

Johnny and his gang finally arrive and drive their van straight through the front door. Detective Choy decides to hold off on sending his men in, as he spots Dong’s Hong Kong crew storming the church. As Johnny shoots through Martin’s thugs, he’s suddenly surrounded by Dong’s troopers. Johnny’s confused, and even more so when Raph (guns a-blazing) comes dropping down through a skylight with Casey (in full-on vigilante mode) in tow.


  • Page 1 of this issue is the same as the last page of the previous issue.
  • Jason Voorhees can be spotted in the background at the Lower East Side diner.
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