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Bodycount > Issue # 2
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Script: Kevin Eastman
Pencils: Simon Bisley
Inks: Simon Bisley
Lettering: Steve Lavigne

  • Cover date: April, 1996


This issue contained extreme graphic violence. (The original version of this page did not include these black censor bars.)

Hiding out on a pier, Midnight explains her situation to Casey Jones and Raphael and that they must help her reach “sanctuary”. Raph is reluctant, but Casey just can’t say no to a nice big pair of… eyes. After picking up some old Halloween costumes for disguise, they head over to a locker in Grand Central Station where Midnight has stashed some “supplies”. Johnny and his gang arrive and begin shooting up the joint. Midnight returns fire with her “supplies”, though Casey refuses to take a gun. Raph, meanwhile, grabs a grenade, stuffs it in a hotdog cart and sends it rolling toward the mobsters. The explosion gives them time to steal a Jeep and make their getaway.

At JFK Airport, Detective Choy arrives and demands to speak to the Mayor about Johnny Woo Woo.

Over at a gas station, Raph continues to tell Casey he doesn’t trust Midnight, while Midnight feels regret for dragging the two boys into her mess. Then, surprise surprise, Johnny attacks! Again. As they escape in their Jeep, Midnight blows up the gas pump, killing most of Johnny’s henchmen. Johnny pursues in his car, but a few shots from Raph (who finds he can use a gun by breaking off the finger guards) and some well-placed grenades sends Johnny’s car flying off an overpass and onto a truck. Casey, Midnight and Raph then head for Pittsburgh.

Back in New York, Detective Choy learns from the Police Chief about the gas station explosion. Reports had Johnny stealing a truck and heading towards Midnight location. Choy hooks up with Agent Bodē of the FBI and gives chase.

Driving, Johnny recalls his meeting with mob boss Dong after the botched hit on Shakkur. Apparently, Dong’s son was amongst the mobsters killed when Midnight abandoned the getaway car and the police attacked. Dong believes Midnight to have been in cahoots with the law. Johnny doesn’t want to believe that Midnight set him up, but takes the hit anyway.

In either Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, Midnight leads Casey and Raph to “Club Dead” for a meeting with her old friend, Courtney. Court understands Midnight’s situation and wishes to help her reach “sanctuary”, but thinks that relocating his men before Johnny Woo Woo arrives would be a good call, first.

However before he does so Johnny Woo Woo arrives and shoots everybody. Again. Midnight, Casey and Raph hear the noise, though Court’s men are certain that Johnny won’t be able to survive their barrage of bullets. Johnny not only survives, but hurls a hand grenade while he’s at it.


  • This story is continued from Bodycount #1. The story continues in Bodycount #3.
  • Midnight (and the road sign) says they’re headed to Pittsburgh. Detective Choy says they’re headed to Philadelphia.
  • Agent Bodē is named after Vaughn Bodē, a favorite artist of Kevin Eastman's. Casey Jones draws a mural of Vaughn Bodē's characters in Fun with Guns.
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