Zakor1138 wrote:

Kung fu frogz wrote: Somebody doesn't know how to have fun... Like come on dude! Lighten up a little! Its Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Not Hamlet lol

Gigameshkun doesn't believe a TMNT fan can like both the serious, adult stuff and silly, child-aimed stuff. It's serious, story driven or it's nothing.

Like saying no one enjoys serious Batman and silly Batman, or serious Godzilla and silly Godzilla.

At least, that's what the posts feel like.

Nothing really annoys me more than people who can't tolerate the simple fact that not everyone has the same opinion. I, for one, enjoy the TMNT franchise as a whole, and that includes The Next Mutation.

Whenever they make new adaptations or reboots, they're always going to change it because, frankly, making it exactly the same as the original would be boring. Ergo, there will be times where the tone changes between being comedic, serious, or a bit of both.

I like dark stuff and silly stuff equally, but my preference is for comedy and drama to be evenly balanced. I can understand people being turned off by a show that's never serious, but it would also turn off potential fans if the work was too depressing and cynical with very little jokes to lighten up the mood.

Everyone's going to have a different opinion no matter how much you complain about it.

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