Sugilita wrote:

SonofSamhain wrote:
Let's be completely honest here.

The main reason why zoophilia is wrong is because animals lack sentience and therefore cannot possibly give consent.

The Turtles, however, are sentient, so if a human and one of the Turtles had a mutual attraction, the Turtle should be able to give consent on sexual relations.

Not to mention that previous TMNT incarnations actually gave one of the Turtles a human love interest or at least a love interest who used to be human.

Did any of you forget that Leonardo had a relationship with Radical in the Mirage comics, or that Mona Lisa, a mutant lizard who was HUMAN before her mutation, was meant to be Raphael's girlfriend in the 1987 cartoon?

Anyone who thinks that the Turtles being attracted to a human counts as zoophilia is just thinking too hard about things.

And don't even try to bring up Peter Laird's "turtles don't mate with humans" speech. Like other opinions of his, I have grown very sick of it.

Wow!!So you support the idea of humans having sex with the turtles??

You hate on Peter is funny,really.

I am not sure if I respect you anymore.

We used to get along because we both liked Venus.

I did not say that humans having sex with turtles is okay, just that the TMNT having relationships with humans does not count as zoophilia!

And I hate Laird because he hates Venus.

Stop jumping to conclusions!

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