Well, true, if at least because it might shame people who had wanted a new Venus de Milo because they wanted to ogle her. But from what I understand of Sophie, I'm rather skeptical that she would subject a character so young to such a discussion topic, nor do I think her editors or Viacom would be entirely comfortable with it. I needn't remind anyone that Venus de Milo is still one of the most loaded topics in TMNT history, and this is the same Viacom that vetoed Sophie's original plan to name Natsu "Tatsu."

I could almost (almost) understand a little girl being named simply Venus (without the "de Milo"), since that actually has been used as a baby name (compare Venus Williams). Aphrodite, as well, especially in modern Greece (Αφροδίτη, Afroditi). Even the name April, as it turns out, is more obscurely derived from the name Aphrodite through layers of Etruscan and Latin loans. But all the latter point really means to me is that the Venus de Milo character may have originally just been a reimagined turtle version of April herself.

Don't forget this is a little girl. The circumstances in which she is named would have to be appropriate to that fact. I mean, it would be absolutely absurd for a very young turtle to be given the name Bootyyyshaker9000, even if it's an alias he might actually choose for himself in his teen years. I mean, I'm not entirely sure what parenting decisions I would put past someone like Lou Jitsu, but he won't be the one naming this little girl.

Besides, it's entirely possible the albino turtle already has a name originating from her human life, and will tell others if and when she wants to. Her name could be something as random as Amaya or Candace or Chloe or Gabrielle or Hana or Harmony or Lilith or Lucindra or Lucretia or Miwa or Robyn or Sloane or Yumi. Some thoughts on a few of those:

  • The name Gabrielle has already appeared separately for different characters in Mirage TMNT and Archie TMNT, and it's based on the name of an archangel, which could be appropriate considering Raphael and Michelangelo are also named after archangels.
  • Yumi is the only preexisting character I can think of who was a biological daughter of one of the Turtles, albeit in a vision of a different life.

Or if she has no name and they decide to adopt her, they might name her after someone they love, maybe someone who's not around anymore and they miss dearly, like Shen or Slash or Yoshi. Naming her Slash might piss off Hob, although it's also hard to imagine the Turtles caring any less about what Hob thinks than they do now.

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