ShellBrain wrote: I recently got fired up over this again. Its a bad movie. A good movie, is a movie that really captivates you, grabs your attention and allows you to experience something... The movie in question -- was a hole ridden, weak plot, weakly written mess of a film. I can go into detail all the mistakes, but why should I. The people who liked it, are dissilusioned to what is good and what is bad -- maybe they haven't experienced true cinema and don;t know anything other than Michael Bay style, which is flashy CGI, hot girls, over the top action -- at the expense of a trully gratifying story.. you go ahead and point out things you liked about this movie and I'll counter it with why it isn't as good as you might think... In terms of adaptation, this movie is the equivilent to DragonBall Evolution.

Just because people like it doesn't mean that they lack taste, you big head! For the last time, deal with the fact that not everyone agrees with you!

Stop being so close-headed!

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