Gilgameshkun wrote: Zakor1138:

No, I don't like Adam West's Batman. Batman, like TMNT, should be a dark serious character-driven action-drama.

Just a while ago you said you never read DC Comics! Just because you have friends who dislike the Adam West Batman stuff, doesn't mean they represent the most hardcore of Batman fans. Yes, we love the dark stuff, but we occasionally enjoy some of the more silly stuff if they're done right.

Retconning silly stories into canon by saying they were a hallucination or making them fit with the more serious modern tone. The Batmen of All-Nations was a ridiculous idea (every country has their own Batman). They made parts of it canon and made it fit in modern continuity. Ace the Bat-Hound, a silly character created in the pre-Crisis age of DC, has been brought back and the fans accept him no problem. (He even briefly had the mask from the old comics)

Finally, Batman '66 is still ongoing with new comics based on the series. In this day and age, how many Batman fans are going to remember that old show from before they were even born? All are as completely valid as the dark avenger.

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