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Foot Headquarters, New York City (formerly and again currently)
Oroku Karai's penthouse, Tōkyō (formerly)

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Mutant hammerhead shark

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Bludgeon is a mutant hammerhead shark created by the Shredder.


He was mutated sometime prior to the events of the New Mutant Order arc. During Shredder's meeting in the Atlantic Ocean with Krang, he and Koya were used as the Foot Clan's contingency plan, in the event that the negotiations became dangerous. When Krang turned on Shredder, Bludgeon and Koya successfully attacked Krang's forces before spiriting their master off the sinking ship.

Along with Koya, Bludgeon was involved with the attempted invasion of Burnow Island. Though they attempted to defend Shredder to the end, they were both driven from the island by the terraformed atmosphere.

After Shredder's return, Bludgeon was involved in the Gauntlet between Shredder and Splinter, in which he was one of the four mutants who fought against the Turtles. He was defeated by Donatello when the mechanized Turtle (who was in an android body at the time) blasted an incredibly bright light in his eyes, blinding him. He attempted to save Koya when Leonardo slashed off her flight feathers, but the two were left permanently crippled.

After the events of the Gauntlet, he departed the United States with Karai, and went back to Japan. There he became more resigned to his blindness, and in fact became more aware of his surroundings through alternate senses. Along with Koya, he accompanied Karai on her quest to find a legendary sword, and helped solidify her power by disposing of Hayashi Toru's forces afterwards.

When Karai returned to the United States to reclaim the Foot Clan, Bludgeon accompanied her.


In contrast to Koya's excitable, aggressive nature, Bludgeon is a relatively calm individual, easily the most cool-headed and soft-spoken of Karai's group, able to adapt to his disability rather than fighting against it. Since being blinded, he has embraced a more spiritual existence as evidenced by his Buddhist prayer beads and regular meditation. Though still deadly in battle, Bludgeon actively seeks inner peace in the rest of his life, and is periodically seen with a cryptic sincere-looking warm grin. Overall, he completely defies the stock stereotype of the bloodthirsty man-eating shark.


  • Tom Waltz wrote the character as Armaggon originally. Bobby Curnow countered that besides being a shark, there are zero similarities since they are both different sharks.
    • As Bludgeon's character has developed, his personality is also completely unlike that of any version of Armaggon.
  • He and Koya have a relationship akin to that of a brother and sister, emotionally supporting each other and fiercely loyal.