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Col blade
Colonel Blade
Biographical information

United States of America



Weapon(s) of choice

Pocket knife


Army colonel


United States Army

Physical description




Out of universe information



Mirage Studios

First appearance

Land of Green Fire, part 1

Created by

Bob Burden
Jim Lawson

Teachers and Students

Colonel Blade is a United States Army colonel who is an ally of the Ninja Turtles and accompanies them throughout the events of Land of Green Fire. According to him, the Turtles had helped him defeat someone named Mr. Cadaverous and his army of Blue Santas prior to the events of the story. Blade is summoned to Santa Baloona by the American ambassador to Santa Baloona, and brings the Turtles with him. Professor Daub, an archeologist who the colonel had met before, had been on his way to the Abecero Peninsula when a freak storm ripping through Central America hit, causing trouble for him and the team that he was going to meet.

Daub takes Colonel Blade and the Turtles to the place the team was last seen, what is presumed to be the ruins of the lost city-state of Boxaquaxal, and find it completely barren. Not only that, but there is food left out, which has been absolutely untouched - no animals, bugs, or birds have taken to scavenge it.

From there, Blade remains with the Turtles, Daub, and eventually the Mystery Men for the remainder of the story, although his role is diminished. He essentially serves to help the group fight whatever troubles come their way, usually by shooting at it with any variety of firearms. However, at the end of the adventure, when it comes time to sink Boxaquaxal into the ground, he tries to talk Daub out of sinking along with it (the process is a two-man operation, so the other operator, Chontre Mac cannot do it alone). Professor Daub is actually excited about the prospect though, so after he and Mac sink the city from inside, Blade caps off the tale by giving a heartfelt tribute to the professor.

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