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The Black Horde are hostile monsters from Dimension Ebrik, created from Kirby's drawings. They first appear in the Mirage Comics issue Kirby and the Warp Crystal. They would also appear in the 2003 TV series episode The King and later in the Battle Nexus Tournament.

Mirage Comics

The monsters are all creations of Kirby, a talented cartoonist who once was a lodger in the basement of April's house. The monsters were originally only simple drawings, but Kirby one day found in a coal pile in the basement a strange crystal and was curious and tied it to his pencil. Then all the drawings that Kirby created from then on, came alive, but always disappeared after a short time. But it seemed that the monsters were not just simply disappearing, but were put in a strange world where they formed a gigantic horde that threatened the lives of the local people. Kirby and Donatello, who had recently met and had also traveled to this world, tried to help the locals, and thanks to the crystal and Kirby's talent for drawing all the monsters were placed in shackles and thus rendered harmless. Their fate after the end fight is not known.

Cartoon series

In the 2003 animated series, the monsters of Ebrik are exactly like in the Mirage comics creations of Kirby and the Warp Crystal. In this incarnation, the design of the monsters draw heavily upon the original drawings of the real Jack Kirby from Marvel Comics. In the series they storm the castle of the Fantasy Warriors. As the beasts breech the bridge and make their way towards the women and children of the city, Kirby redraws his efforts in the sketchbook. Just as it looks like the monsters' mission will succeed, they are suddenly bound! Kirby has drawn various forms of bindings to thwart the invading army.



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