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Bishop is an Utrom in the 2012 TV series, who allies himself with the Turtles in "Annihilation Earth!, Part 1".


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Annihilation Earth!

Initially perceived as hostile for being a Kraang, Bishop explains his background as an Utrom, and how the Utroms are a peaceful group of Kraang who defected and how they oppose the Kraang Hive Mind. Bishop, who uses a Norman suit, explains that he was the original designer of the Normans, as well as the Kraangdroids. He also reveals that Kraang Subprime was himself once an Utrom, but defected to the Kraang. Bishop wins over the Turtles' trust and helps them fight against the simultaneous invasions of both the Kraang and Triceratons.

It was later revealed that Bishop had escaped from the Triceraton attack on the Technodrome by riding Leatherhead to shore. He rejoined the Turtles to help them disable the Heart of Darkness. However, the Triceratons destroyed Bishop's suit and he scuttled off. He is later sucked into the Heart of Darkness along with the entire Earth, except for the Turtles, April and Casey, who were saved by the Fugitoid, the latter of whom was later revealed to have been called for help thanks to a distress signal sent by Bishop before the Heart of Darkness was activated.

The War for Dimension X

Bishop encounters the Turtles again, but this time, in Dimension X. Given how this encounter takes place months before Annihilation: Earth, this is technically the first time Bishop meets the turtles.

Tokka vs. The World

When Worlds Collide


Bishop is a helpful and caring Utrom. He made a Utrom vow not to deal with Earthly matters but broke it to warn the turtles about the Triceratons.






  • "It pains me how far you've fallen, Knight." 


  • Bishop was the one who originally created the Norman body.
  • While in his Norman Suit, Bishop distinguished himself from the other Kraang by wearing a pair of sunglasses.


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