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Butt Cannons
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The Kraang

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2012 series

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The Mutation Situation

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Biotroid is a Yeti or gorilla-like automaton piloted by the Kraang. It features, amongst other weapons, butt cannons.

It first appeared in the 2012 TV series episode "The Mutation Situation" where it was guarding a shipment of mutagen canisters on a Kraang stealth-ship. During the fight, the canisters the Biotroid was guarding had spilled out of the ship where one of them hit Kirby O'Neil when he protected April O'Neil from it. The Biotroid was defeated by the turtles and the Kraang stealth-ship was redirected to the moon.

Biotroids return in The Manhattan Project, where two of them assault Donatello, April, and Casey Jones when they investigate a portal to Dimension X.

Biotroids return again in Battle for New York, Part 2, where they along with Irma-Bots and Mrs. Campbell attack The Mighty Mutanimals who they attempt to stop from keeping the portal to Dimension X open. They easily succeed in this and capture the Mutanimals in the process. Luckily the mutant team manage to escape with help from Tyler Rockwell who uses his telekinesis abilities and defeat them all.

In Dinosaur Seen in Sewers!, they try to take down the turtles but get destroyed.

In The War for Dimension X, they helped the Kraang fight the Utrom

Powers and Abilities

They have incredible strength and impressive jumping abilities.


  • Chainsaws on robot tentacles that come out of their nipples
  • Butt Cannons


  • In its first appearance, the Biotroid poses like Gigantor.
  • The Biotroid's butt cannons is a reference to the anime Astro Boy, as this was one of the title character's prominent weapons.
  • The Biotroid is an obvious reference to the monster from the 1953 film, Robot Monster. The monster is a huge gorilla alien with a robot helmet.
  • The official TMNT fanclub listed its name as "Biodroid", despite all other promotional material and in-episode dialogue using the name Biotroid.


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