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Chicago, Illinois
Angel Grove, California




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Power Lance
Blade Blaster





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Sandy blonde

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Boom! Studios
IDW Publishing

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Day of the Dumpster

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Haim Saban

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Billy Cranston is the Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, wielding the power of the triceratops.


Billy was born in Chicago, Illinois on April 1st, and moved at some point during his youth to Angel Grove, California. At an early age, Billy discovered his zeal for knowledge when he began reading the newspaper with his father. Upon going to school, his interest became more focused on the sciences.

As a teenager, Billy became one of five chosen to become the Power Rangers, a band of super-powered heroes tasked with foiling the plans of the alien sorceress Rita Repulsa.


Billy and the other Rangers lamented the absence of their missing comrade, Tommy Oliver, the Green, sixth Ranger, while battling one of Rita's monsters, Apocalyptopus. They destroyed the monster by combining their weapons into the Power Blaster.

When Zordon and Alpha 5 had finally tracked down Tommy after he morphed, they saw him fighting four mutant turtles on a rooftop in New York City, and assuming they were Rita's monsters, jumped into the fray to help Tommy.

Powers and abilities

  • Gymnastics: Although not even close to the extent of Kimberly Hart, Billy excels at gymnastic movement.
  • Hand-to-hand combat: Billy began fighting without very much knowledge on the martial arts, but later became more adept at it through practice.
  • Intelligence: Billy is a genius-level scientist and seems to be very much omni-disciplinary, as his expertise runs throughout the scientific world. He has a habit of over-explaining what he needs to say and dive into "techno-babble" - which exasperates his comrades who want him to keep short and to the point. Sometimes, Trini is able to explain his incomprehensible jargon on layman's terms, but there are times even she's stumped.

Weapons and equipment

  • Power Morpher and Power Coin: Billy utilizes the Power Morpher, with the triceratops Power Coin, to transform into the Blue Ranger.
  • Power Lance: Billy wields a pair of long-handled, sai-like daggers similar to Trini's Power Daggers. However, he can combine the two at the handles to become a double-headed trident known as the Power Lance.
  • Blade Blaster: The Blade Blaster is a transformable weapon which can go from a handheld laser gun to a dagger.
  • Glasses


  • Although it has been officially stated that Billy's surname came from actor Bryan Cranston, who voiced a couple of monsters in the Rangers' early seasons and later portrayed the Zordon in the 2017 film, the unaired pilot for a Power Rangers predecessor, Bio-Man had its Blue "Ranger" have the same name, before Bryan's involvement in the franchise and back before he was really a known actor.

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