Big Mama
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The Battle Nexus


Spider Lady




Hotel Owner
Criminal Overlord

Physical description




Hair color

Seafoam Green (as a spider)
Silver (as a human)

Eye color

Red (as a spider)
Black (as a human)

Out of universe information

Rise of the TMNT

First appearance

Bug Busters

Voiced by

Lena Headey

Teachers and Students

Big Mama is an enemy of the Ninja Turtles from the 2018 cartoon series.

Physical Appearance

True Form

In her spider form, Big Mama is a huge individual, She has four black spider legs to walk and two sets of arms with pale orange nails on each hand; two small teal arms with two claws and two large black arms with three claws.

Big Mama also has a large dark purple body, seafoam green hair (with lighter shades as highlights), six red eyes, jagged teeth and a long teal face. She also wears a large magenta jabot to support a gold trimmed red jewel, which is an amulet that allows her to transform into a human form.

Human Disguise

Big Mama's human form is that of a petite, curvaceous woman with dark pink skin, silver hair, black eyes with thick eyelashes and purple eyeshadow, and red lips. Her hair is styled in a updo with part of her side bangs covering some of her face.

Big Mama wears a pair of specks with crystal blue lens and long dark purple tailcoat with seafoam green fur trim (to resemble her hair in her true form). Underneath the coat, she has a magenta dress with frilly sleeves and her jabot to support her amulet, and purple high-heeled boots that got up to her thighs.


Big Mama is, upon first impression, extremely friendly and cheerful, even towards her enemies. She is also prone to making up cheerful nonsense words. She is very excitable, as evidenced by her obvious delight in her plans to add mutants to her Battle Nexus.

Despite her cheerful persona, Big Mama is a deceitful and conniving person, easily charming the Turtles into bringing her the Oozesquitos.


Big Mama and her minions are able to change between their yokai form and a human form using a sort of magic jewel. As a spider, she can shoot webs from her mouth.

She's shown Durability, High mobility, Superior Speed and Strength and impressive Dexterity during her fight against Baron Draxum.


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Big Mama is a Jorōgumo who runs the Battle Nexus. As a front for her Battle Nexus, Big Mama uses her human form to pose as the proprietor of The Grand Nexus Hotel that serves as a front for the Battle Nexus.


  • "Well! You've turned my hotel into quite the fizzywinkle!" - Big Mama


  • Baron Draxum: Not much is known about her relationship with Baron Draxum, but they do not seem to be on good terms with each other. Evidence of this includes Big Mama stealing his Oozesquitoes and attempting to use them for her own purposes.
  • Bullhop: Stanley used to work for her before his mutation.


  • Big Mama's design is based on the Jorōgumo ("woman-spider").
  • She is the most powerful mob boss in the Hidden City.
  • Big Mama is quite skillful at dancing.
  • A running gag with Big Mama is that she tends to use improper words when she speaks.



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