Big Mama
Biographical information

Spider lady (by Leonardo)
Queen Eight-Legs (by Raphael)
Mum (by Fox bellhop)


Web generation


Crime boss
Battle Nexus host
Auction house owner
Demolition derby host
Train station owner



Physical description

Spider Yōkai


Seafoam green (in true form)
Silver (in human disguise)

Eye color

Red (in true form)
Yellow sclerae (in human disguise)

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In Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Big Mama is a major organized crime figure in the Hidden City. She is a recurring adversary of the Mad Dogs as well as Splinter's ex-girlfriend.

Physical Appearance

True Form

Big Mama is a huge spider Yōkai with long straight seafoam green hair, six red eyes, jagged teeth, a long teal face, and a dark purple body. She has spikes on her abdomen, two pairs of black spider legs, and two pairs of arms: a pair of black arms with four peach claws and a smaller pair of teal arms with two peach claws. She wears a purple jabot around her neck that supports her red amulet.

Human Disguise

In her human disguise, Big Mama is a woman with wavy silver hair styled in an updo with bangs, yellow sclerae, dark blue eyeshadow, dark pink skin, and a curvaceous yet petite figure. She wears a purple bodycon dress and a long dark blue tailcoat with seafoam green fur trim (reminiscent of her hair in her true form) and shoulder pads. She wears a purple jabot around her neck that supports her red amulet, navy blue thigh-high stiletto boots, and a pair of teal glasses with blue lenses.


Big Mama is, upon first impression, extremely friendly, cheerful, and polite, even towards her enemies, and often whimsically sprinkles her dialogue with nonce words. She is very excitable as evidenced by her obvious delight in her plans to add mutants to her Battle Nexus, whether as fighters or as rodeo clowns. With her natural charm, undiminished even in frightful spider form, Big Mama can often persuade others into doing things for her by making them think they are also helping themselves such as when she talked the Turtles into bringing her the Oozesquitoes.

But despite her bubbly persona, Big Mama is a deceitful and conniving person whose only enduring loyalty is to herself. She does form lasting personal attachments to others, but she always subordinates them to her own desires.


Big Mama debuted in "Bug Busters" during the Turtles' mission to stop the Oozesquito infestation in the Grand Nexus Hotel. After observing one of her bellhops' mutation from outside of the lobby, Big Mama introduced herself to the Turtles as the hotel's owner, also revealing that she and much of her staff were Yōkai, beings of a similar nature as the Turtles. The Turtles were unfamiliar with the term "Yōkai", only understanding them as all being mutants. Big Mama found the label "mutant" odd and claimed to have no knowledge of Baron Draxum or his mutation-related activities when she was asked about him. She gave the Turtles a tour of the secret Yōkai section of her hotel and a brief crash course on Yōkai society and her Battle Nexus business and then offered to help capture the Oozesquitoes, which they ultimately succeeded in doing. But once the insects were in her possession, Big Mama betrayed the Turtles, intending to force them into service in the Battle Nexus as rodeo clowns. They resisted and avoided forcible transport to the Battle Nexus. Later, Draxum made his own separate raid on the Grand Nexus Hotel and took back his Oozesquitoes to be rereleased in New York City, making it clear that Draxum and Big Mama did, in fact, already know each other. Big Mama fought Draxum and tried to prevent Michelangelo and Donatello from escaping her hotel, but was unsuccessful.

In the past, Big Mama posed as a truck driver tasked with hauling around Lou Jitsu's filming trailer. She met Lou Jitsu on set one day and the two shared a mutual attraction towards one another and began dating. However, after being proposed to by him at Dinner on the Green, Big Mama dropped her human disguise and revealed her true Yōkai nature and stole Lou Jitsu away to the Hidden City, forcing him to become a fighter in her Battle Nexus. Some time later, Draxum covertly helped Lou Jitsu permanently escape Big Mama's service in exchange for agreeing to be Draxum's laboratory subject.


  • Shapeshifting: Big Mama can transform her natural form as a Yōkai into a human-like form, allowing her to navigate the surface as a human.
  • Web generation: Big Mama can create webs using her spinnerets.
    • Web spitting: Big Mama has the capability to shoot webs from her mouth at a high velocity.
  • Strength: Big Mama possesses an an immense amount of strength in both forms, shown when she easily threw Bullhop while dancing with him in "Bullhop".
  • Agility: Despite her size, Big Mama is quite agile, able to easily evade Draxum's mystic vines and climb the walls of her office during their fight in "Bug Busters".
  • Durability: Big Mama's body can experience a high threshold of physical trauma without lasting repercussions.
  • Dancing: Big Mama is quite a proficient dancer and deeply enjoys it.


Friends and Allies

  • Otter bellhop: Otter bellhop is one of Big Mama's employees at the Grand Nexus Hotel and works closely with her.
  • Fox bellhop: Fox bellhop is one of Big Mama's employees at the Grand Nexus Hotel and works closely with her. Big Mama ordered him to rally the other bellhops to manicure and massage her in "The Ancient Art of Ninja Hide and Seek".
  • Owl bellhop: Owl bellhop is one of Big Mama's employees at the Grand Nexus Hotel and works closely with her.
  • Gus: Gus is one of Big Mama's guards. In "Bug Busters", she ordered him to hunt down Leo when he ran away from her and his brothers.
  • Assistant: An assistant of Big Mama's. In "Raph's Ride-Along", Big Mama instructed her to vigilantly guard a box holding a mystic orb.
  • The Mud Dogs: As significantly less influential criminals, the Mud Dogs deduct whatever money they obtain from their crimes and offer it to Big Mama. She seems to feel warmly towards them.
    • Dastardly Danny: Big Mama was impressed by Danny's police station robbing feat in "Raph's Ride-Along". Once Raph's true identity was revealed, she ordered Danny to kill him.
    • Loathsome Leonard: Big Mama was impressed by Leonard's police station robbing feat in "Raph's Ride-Along". Once Raph's true identity was revealed, she ordered Leonard to kill him.
    • Malicious Mickey: Big Mama was impressed by Mickey's police station robbing feat in "Raph's Ride-Along". Once Raph's true identity was revealed, she ordered Mickey to kill him.
  • Heinous Green: Big Mama is quite familiar with Heinous Green as she knows that his character is less of a sly mastermind and much more of a brute and disbelieves that he successfully executed out a high-risk plan of his own creation.


  • Baron Draxum: Little is known about Big Mama's history with Baron Draxum, but they are not on good terms with each other. Big Mama pretended to not know who Draxum was when Raph asked about him in "Bug Busters" and later stole his Oozesquitoes and attempted to use them to bolster her Battle Nexus' success. However, she allowed Draxum to ship the Kuroi Yōroi on her train despite their past disagreements in order to obtain a mystic orb from him.
  • Huginn & Muninn: Huginn and Munnin helped Draxum take back his Oozesquitoes from Big Mama's possession.
  • The Mad Dogs: Big Mama regularly catches the Mad Dogs infiltrating her properties and her and her staff usually try to kill them on sight after "Bug Busters". However, she isn't entirely opposed to working with them as long as it benefits her as she lends them a mystic collar to capture the Shredder in "Many Unhappy Returns". Big Mama often refers to the Turtles as "turtle-boos" or "turtley-boos".
    • Raphael: Raph easily accepted Big Mama's help claiming she was nice despite her true form and chastises Leo. His attitude changed once she tricked them and openly admitted that Leo was right.
    • Donatello: Although Big Mama betrayed Donnie in the end, she genuinely acknowledges his immense creativity and intellect, able to get into his good graces in "Bug Busters" by complimenting him on this aspect. She even tried to steal his Bug Slapper for herself due to how innovative she considered it to be.
    • Leonardo: Out of all the Turtles, Leo was the first to suspect Big Mama's ulterior motives when she offered her assistance in catching the Oozesquitoes. This is proven when she deceives his brothers and sends Gus on Leo after he left the others.
    • Michelangelo: Mikey tagged along with Raph and Donnie to accept Big Mama's help and hand her the Oozesquitoes. But after he and his brothers were deceived by Big Mama, his attitude towards her changed.
    • April O'Neil:
  • Hamato Yoshi / Lou Jitsu / Splinter: Big Mama battled against Splinter at the Doom Dome in "Turtle-dega Nights: The Ballad of Rat Man" after noticing that Mikey and Donnie were competing, but was defeated by him and his sons. Later in "Many Unhappy Returns", it was revealed that Lou Jitsu was Big Mama's boyfriend and that she was the one who got him involved in the Battle Nexus after he proposed to her during a date. Once she came to realize that Splinter is mutated Lou Jitsu, Big Mama was affectionate towards him, finding him even more handsome in his current form. Though she doesn't seem to be remorseful of her past treatment of Splinter, she still holds warm feelings towards him despite them being enemies.
  • Stanley / Bullhop: Stanley used to be Big Mama's employee before his mutation. Though she did not recognize him when he infiltrated her box social in "Bullhop". Big Mama was intrigued by him (referring to him as "cutie noodle") and requested a dance. She found herself easily charmed by his dance skills until she discovered his alliance with the Turtles. While she was angered by his betrayal, Big Mama may still have feelings for Bullhop as she mournfully clutches the shoe he left behind while fleeing her hotel.
  • Señor Hueso: Big Mama sold Hueso's stolen pizza cutter at her auction house and caught him trying to escape after retrieving it from her vault with Leo.
  • Piel: Big Mama unknowingly sold Piel Hueso's pizza cutter in her auction, falling for his plan, but caught him trying to escape after Hueso and Leo retrieved it from her vault.
  • Don Suave: Big Mama was beguiled by Don Suave's charm and promptly incapacitated by him in "The Hidden City Job", allowing him to escape from her and her guards.
  • Oroku Saki / The Shredder: The Shredder was imprisoned by Big Mama before being turned into Shadow Fiend as Big Mama's new champion because she wanted new champion after Leo and Splinter left the Battle Nexus. Shredder was completely under Big Mama's influence due to her mystic ring but was lost and obtained by Foot Recruit.


  • "I love it! I had no idea we had an item this scrumulent. Take it to my private gallery." ("The Hidden City Job")
  • "Big Mama doesn't normally fraternize with staff, but do you cut a rug? Jum and jeevy? Trip the light splendiferous?" ("Bullhop")
  • "Ooh, the arena has never been this woozy-faddled." ("Many Unhappy Returns")


  • Based on Big Mama's interactions with Bullhop and Splinter, as well as her own love for it, dancers are likely part of her type.
  • In December 2020, it was revealed by Rise of the TMNT executive producer Andy Suriano in a Tweet that Big Mama's brooch is just jewelry, not a cloaking brooch, meaning that Big Mama's ability to alter her form is an inherent mystic power of hers.[2]