Big Bad Binky Boy
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Transform others into babies

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Fast Forward

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The Journal

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Stephen Murphy

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Sean Schemmel

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Big Bad Binky Boy is a baby-themed enemy of the Justice Force and Turtle Titan. He only appears in the Fast Forward episode "The Journal". 


After defeating Dr. Malignus alongside Silver Sentry, Mikey (as Turtle Titan) and the Justice Force soon encountered Big Bad Binky Boy. Upon deflecting a laser blast from his chair, Mikey accidentally hit the Justice Force and stunned them. In retaliation, Mikey threw one of his future chuks into the center of Binky Boy's chair. While this defeated Big Bad Binky Boy, it also resulted in the Justice Force turning into babies much to Mikey's shock. It turned out that the events of the story were part of a fake journal created by Cody Jones and Splinter in order to keep the Turtles from finding the real one.

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