Beware the Lotus
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 Cartoon) episode
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Season Code: 03
Episode: 28
Original airdate November 1, 1989
Written by Doug Molitor
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"Super Bebop & Mighty Rocksteady" "Blast from the Past"
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Season
October 19, 1989 - December 22, 1989
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Beware the Lotus is a season 3 episode of the 1987-1996 series.


Burne Thompson declares that Channel 6 will be dedicating a series of news reports on romance, much to April's chagrin and the Turtles' disgust (since it interrupted their werewolf movie).

Down in the Technodrome, a strange ninja springs out of the transport module and attacks Shredder. The ninja introduces herself as Lotus, and Krang states that she is Shredder's replacement. Shredder is enraged, and challenges her to a duel, which he loses in a most embarrassing fashion. He storms out, vowing that one day Krang will beg him to return, and decides to find and kill the Turtles before Lotus can.

Lotus immediately begins putting a plan into action, stealing a Scent Analyzer and a genetic code for turtles. She plans to combine the two, so that the analyzer will literally sniff out the Turtles.

Meanwhile, the lotus blossoms that Lotus has been leaving behind remind Splinter of a girl he heard of in Japan with almost superhuman ninja skills. Just then, Lotus breaks into the lair with Foot Soldiers, and successfully subdues Splinter. By the time the Turtles have dispatched their foe, Splinter is gone - and Lotus doubles back to attack Leonardo, who instantly develops a crush on her. They fight to Lotus' seeming surrender, only for Leonardo to be blindsided by a trick sword hilt.

When the other Turtles return, they find Leonardo mooning over the lotus blossom. An irritated Raphael reminds him that Lotus' goons just kidnapped Splinter.

Shredder happens to be watching Channel 6 when Vernon interviews a florist who sells only lotuses, giving him a clue to Lotus' location. He orders Rocksteady and Bebop to help him trash Aqualand in order to lure in the Turtles, and then leads them to where Krang and Lotus are hiding. Upon seeing them, Krang dangles the unconscious Splinter out the window and threatens to drop him if the Turtles come any closer.

The Turtles drop their weapons, and Leonardo sneaks off to enter by the back. But he's confronted by Lotus, who was waiting for him. She offers him a job as her partner in mercenary endeavors, but Leonardo refuses when she won't let Splinter go.

Shredder walks in as Lotus is demanding her payment, and accuses Lotus of being in league with Leonardo because of feelings she has for him. When Krang reneges on their deal, Lotus turns on him and the Turtles break free. Krang is sent flying out of his bubble walker, and is forced to beg Shredder to take him away from there.

Splinter and the Turtles ask Lotus to join them, but she says "There is not much gold in goodness" and departs.

Later, in the lair at the kitchen, Leonardo is heartbroken and depressed, when a mysterious "boy" drops off a pizza with a lotus on it. Outside, Lotus says that she hopes someday she and Leonardo will be on the same side and runs away.





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  • In the close up shot of the flower seller on the hotel TV set, a sewer wall and tunnel could be seen behind her.
  • When Splinter awakens and attacks the Foot Soldiers, Rocksteady speaks in Bebop's voice.
  • In the above mentioned scene during the fight with Lotus and the Foot Soldiers, Leonardo is holding Donatello's staff.
  • When Krang threatens to kill Splinter, Splinter is unconscious before the commercial, but clearly conscious after it (his head can be seen moving).
  • When April speaks to Burne over the microphone, her leg is bent back at a bizarre angle.
  • A great deal of time is spent on the Turtles disarming themselves, yet their weapons reappear when the Foot Soldiers leave.
  • When Schroeder rolls down the drainpipe, there are two more buildings nearby. However, when Bebop and Rocksteady are shown from above, there are no buildings next to them.


TV Announcer: And now we go live to April O'Neil for a report on romance.
Michelangelo: COWABUNGA!
(Foot Soldier runs by Leonardo, who is holding Donatellos' , and crashes into the wall)
Burne: What kind of romance is THIS??
Irma: Looks like my last blind date.
(Foot Soldier is twitching as the water pours on him. Irma continues speaking O.S.)
Irma: ...Only that guy is a better dancer.
Burne: What is going on???

- We had the same question, since when did Irma become a narrator?



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