Bernie's Generals is a small store located in North Hampton, it's where April, Casey and the Turtles get their groceries for the O'Neil Farm. It has an adequate stock of food, but the selection can be poor; as April puts it, "it's the kind of place that has peanut butter or jelly."


In Dreams - The new owner, Bernie, attacked Casey inside the store after he tried to get the Obturaculum Somniorum.

Race with the Demon - At the beginning of the episode, April, Casey and Donatello are driving back from the store.


  • In the store there are cans with an image of Ray Fillet and a magazine with an image of the Spy-Roach's second mutant form.
  • There are also cereals who share a large resemblance to the Count Chocula and Boo Berry cereals.
  • There's also a poster or Chris Bradford's unmutated form on the wall that says "Got Curd?", this image first appeared in the back of a magazine in The Manhattan Project episode.
    • Got Curd? is a reference to the "Got Milk?" slogan
  • There are Space Heroes, It Came From The Sewers and Tales from the Cosmos horror comics.
    • The last one is a nod to John Kassir, The voice of the Crypt Keeper in the Televised Tales from the Crypt series who voices both Dave and Dread Beaver.
  • Bernie keeps his chainsaw hanging on the wall.