Bernie's Generals is a small store located in North Hampton, it's where April, Casey and the Turtles get their suplies for the farmhouse.


In Dreams - The new owner, Bernie, attacked Casey inside the store after he tried to get the Obturaculum Somniorum.

Race with the Demon - At the beginning of the episode, April, Casey and Donatello are driving back from the store.


  • In the store there are cans with an image of Ray Fillet and a magazine with an image of the Spy-Roach's second mutant form.
  • There are also cereals who share a large resemblance to the Count Chocula and Boo Berry cereals.
  • There's also a poster or Chris Bradford's unmutated form on the wall that says "Got Curd?", this image first appeared in the back of a magazine in The Manhattan Project episode.
    • Got Curd? is a reference to the "Got Milk?" slogan
  • There are Space Heroes, It Came From The Sewers and Tales from the Cosmos horror comics.
    • The last one is a nod to John Kassir, The voice of the Crypt Keeper in the Televised Tales from the Crypt series who voices both Dave and Dread Beaver.
  • Bernie keeps his chainsaw hanging on the wall.