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Bebop and Rocksteady's Gang as seen in Turtle Tracks.

Bebop and Rocksteady's gang were an unnamed gang of street punks that were seen in Season 1, 3 and 5 of the 1987 TV series.

They are similar to the Purple Dragons who originated in the Mirage comic books and had a more prominent role in the 2003 cartoon.


The gang first appeared in "Turtle Tracks" where Rocksteady and Bebop led Scrag, the Yellow Mohawk Punk, the Punk with the Cap, and the Short Fat Punk into attacking April O'Neil only for them to be beaten by the Turtles. In "Enter the Shredder," the gang had each gone through Shredder and Krang's mutagen experiment. It's not known how many gang members were mutated. In the episode Shredder and Splintered, mutated gang members are seen behind bars inside the Technodrome, right before the Turtles send the entire Technodrome from Earth to Dimension X.

The episodes "The Gang's All Here" and "Once Upon a Time Machine" featured their leader Lugnut and the members of the gang that work for him.


Bebop and Rocksteady's faction

  • Bebop: An African-American Punk who first appeared in "Turtle Tracks." Was turned into a Mutant Warthog.
  • Rocksteady: A Punk who was turned into a Mutant Rhino.

Lugnut's faction

  • Jersey Red: A large tough woman who is a member of Lugnut's Gang.
  • African-American Punk: He was in the Lugnut's gang.
  • Punk with Blue Leather Jacket: An unnamed member of Lugnut's part of the the gang that wore a blue leather jacket and had a brown Mohawk.
  • Gangster #1: A woman that is in Lugnut's Gang. She wears a sunny and a bra.
  • Gangster #2: An African-American Punk in Lugnut's Gang.


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