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New York City

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Foot Dan

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Mutant warthog
Former human



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Mutant Turtles Gaiden

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Kame Ninja Sanjō!!

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Hiroshi Kanno

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Bebop is a former street thug who was mutated by Shredder into a humanoid warthog. Bebop plays a large role in the first chapter of Mutant Turtles Gaiden and is essentially its main antagonist, although his role diminishes in later chapters.


Bebop is first seen as a street punk threatening April O'Neil. The Ninja Turtles drop in and save her from Bebop and the other thugs. Bebop is then punished by Shredder for failing, and to ensure he won't, the ninja doses Bebop with mutagen.

Later, as April and Irma walk the street following an interview, Bebop suddenly shows up in a trenchcoat and hat and flashes them, revealing his new form as a mutant, then promptly abducts April. Bebop heads through an open manhole with April, and the Turtles spot him from the Turtle Blimp, giving chase. Bebop takes April to The Shredder, who explains to her that they plan to kill her for exposing their activities on the news. Shredder gives the order to Bebop to end her life, but Bebop insists on "having fun" with her first.

Just as Bebop advances on April, a sai suddenly is flung through the air and stops him. Then, Michelangelo knocks him out with a drop kick.

In the following chapter, Shredder begins having his new Mechaturtles steal jewels from various places. When it comes time to acquire the world's largest diamond, the Nile no Mehyō, he sends Bebop and a now-mutated Rocksteady along with the Mechaturtles. The two mutants and four robots infiltrate the High Pressured Curbon compound and confiscate the diamond, but are stopped by the Turtles on their way out. The Mechaturtles put up a fight and are trouncing the Turtles, until Splinter randomly shows up and gives them a vote of confidence. With the Mechaturtles defeated, Shredder and his mutants uses their destruction as a distraction to get away with the diamond.

In chapter 3, Bebop and Rocksteady go to a nuclear power plant to steal parts for a super-conductive coil. However, these parts were new and had not yet been installed yet, necessitating they be matched up with an operating system to function. The two mutants failed to steal the operating system, which ticked off Shredder. Rocksteady blamed Bebop for "forgetting" to steal it. To prevent further screw-ups, Shredder accompanies Rocksteady on the next excursion, leaving Bebop behind.

Bebop sports a bit of a redesign in the final chapter, with a shaved head and juzu replacing his skull necklace. He and Rocksteady accompany Shredder to Japan to steal the Muramasa Blade. Bebop holds onto Irma while Shredder tries to use the sword to take control of her, but once Irma transforms and takes the sword to attempt to kill Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady are left watching helplessly as she chases him.

Powers and abilities

  • Super strength: Bebop's strength is enhanced by his mutation, but it is unknown to what degree. While he is able to easily strongarm non-combatant women like April and Irma, in the only fight he's seen in, he's taken down by a single drop kick from Michelangelo, and thus his fighting prowess and strength level are unseen.

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