Bebop is a Heroclix figurine in the Unplugged set.


Foot Clan, TMNT Villain, Animal

Powers and abilities

  • Shifting focus: Bebop: FREE: If Bebop began the turn on the map, you may replace him with another character with this trait (on the same click number).
  • Uppercut: When Bebop hits an adjacent opposing character, that character modifies its attack -2 until your next turn.
  • Sub-boss: STOP. Toughness.
  • Shoulder-first charge (Charge)
  • Watch your mouth, slimeball (Flurry)
  • Side-scrolling (Sidestep)
  • They ain't getting any prettier (Combat Reflexes)
  • Leather vest (Toughness)
  • You're dead, shell brain (Close Combat Expert)

Point value: 50
Universe: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video games (1989+)

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