022 bebop

Bebop is a Heroclix figurine released in the Shredder's Return set.


TMNT Villain, Animal, Brute

Powers and abilities

  • Banished... STOP. For the rest of the game, Bebop can't be healed.
  • I have that same running dream (Charge)
  • But paradise sounds boring! (Sidestep)
  • Bristle (Invulnerability)
  • And gristle (Toughness)
  • I get it... unless you don't (Perplex)
  • It is good to perpetuate crime again... (Ranged Combat Expert)
  • ...Ha! I made a joke! That I read somewhere. (Enhancement)
  • ...To the Eden Planet (Support)

Point value: 70
Universe: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures (1988 comic series)

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