Pig-headed mutant


Master thief Anton Zeck is mutated by Shredder into a wily Warthog for trying to steal his legendary helmet. Given the option to either serve Shredder or be destroyed, Bebop as he comes to be known, swears allegiance to Shredder and teams up with his partner in crime Rocksteady, to find Karai and hunt down the Turtles! The Ninja Turtles better beware of this pig-headed mutant. He had the ability to turn invisible, is equipped with X-Ray glasses and has unlimited gadgets that makes him more than a formidable foe that wants to take down the Turtles!

  • Weapons: Flash Bomb & Sticky Bomb
  • Team: Foot Clan

Official Site Description

A master thief, Anton Zeck is hired by former Russian arms dealer Steranko to break into Shredder’s Lair and steal his legendary helmet. With his bright purple Mohawk, unlimited gadgets, z-ray glasses, and the ability to become invisible, Anton's thieving opportunities appear endless.

But when Shredder catches wind of his plans, he sends Anton down a tube and into a tub of mutagen Ooze with the DNA of a warthog. The thief transforms into Bebop, a half human, half warthog mutant!


  • Swivel Head
  • Swivel Hinge Shoulders
  • Swivel Waist
  • Swivel Hinge Hips
  • Hinge Knees


Wall Rolling Feature - Bebop has a wheel in the middle of his backpack and one in each ankle, this way he's able to slide across flat surfaces, allowing kids to re-create the scene in the cartoon where Anton Zeck slides on the wall.


  • There were two versions of this figures released at the same time, the regular one with a more pink-ish skin tone, and another with a brown painted skin.
  • A repaint of this figure with purple replacing the black parts was available in a two pack with Leonardo.


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