Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Rocksteady "You can't do this to—ugh!"

Bebop "It was an accident!"

Gang Leader "Now stay down!"

Leader "You're out of the gang!"

Leader "You guys are lucky. I'm lettin' you off easy."

Leader "Oh, and just a suggestion... Try losing those stupid "gang" names."

Bebop "They're music styles! Don't anybody care about music?"

Rocksteady "He only listens to top 40, Bebop. He ain't taking us back."

Bebop "Great, this is just great! Now what do we do?!"

Rocksteady "Head home, I guess."

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Bebop "We got nothing!"

Bebop "No gang, no power, we ain't even got no freakin' food!"

Rocksteady "Hey, it's cool. Whaddya say we go score some cash? We'll stick up some chump, or jack that cash machine like we was talking a—"


Bebop "No! I'm sick of this!"

Bebop "We gotta find some way of getting out of this hole we're in. We can't screw up no more."

Bebop "We'll find another gang, and when we do, we'll do better. We'll be smart. From now on, it's a new Rocksteady and Bebop..."

Man "...Me and a group of guys work for a guy who works for another guy—who works for the Foot Clan. Ever hear of it? Course you haven't, cuz we're the best, man. Totally stealth, but we're taking over everything."

Man "And the guy running the whole thing, I've never seen him, nobody has, but I hear he's like a super bad dude."

Man "You might have heard of him. He's called the Shredder."

Man "Man, if you guys are looking for work, on the next job, I'll bring you along..."

"I'm looking for only the bravest and strong among you—"

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Oroku Karai "—Volunteers for this "special unit" will be taking a quantum leap in status. If you are content at the bottom of the Foot Clan, content with being inferior, then continue to waste your life. But if you want more for yourself..."

Karai "...Then join me. Those who prove themselves worthy will one day become the ultimate Foot soldiers..."

Karai "...I offer you a chance to become mutants!"

Rocksteady "We wanna go bigger, we want the next fight to be freak against freak."

Bebop "Yeah, when do we get to change already?"

"I need only two of you."

"And so, we will conduct one final test to determine who will move forward."

Bebop "We did it, Rocksteady. You know what this means?"

Rocksteady "I wanna be a dinosaur! Wonder if they got that."

Bebop "Heh heh, oh yeah. Nice chompers."


Rocksteady "Rhino-saurus! Nice!"

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"Your meaningless lives end today..."

Rocksteady "Rock and roll!"

"And you will be reborn, as the mutants..."


Karai "Your two weeks of training are complete. You are ready."

Bebop "Ready to meet Shredder?"

Karai "Not yet... Tonight you will come with me on a job for a little field test. It's time we try you in an uncontrolled environment."

Karai "As humans you served the Foot well enough, but the stakes are higher now."

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Karai "I'll be meeting with Xiang Fei Tong, the boss of the Ghost Boys, a triad gang in Chinatown."

Karai "You two are there to accompany me. Your presence will make apparent the might of the Foot Clan."

Bebop " "The might of the Foot Clan." I like that."

Rocksteady "This "Xiang" guy, you want we should rough him up a little? Let him know who's boss around here?"

Karai "You will do no such thing! The Shredder has other plans for Xiang and the Ghost Boys. You're expected to only stand there."

Karai "Not every job is one of violence... There will be time for that later."

Rocksteady "Can you believe this? We made it, man!"

Bebop "Yeah, we're in the best gang ever—the Foot Clan."

Rocksteady "And we're super kick-ass mutants!"

Bebop "Just look at me. Are you going to mess with a guy who looks like this? I don't think so."

Rocksteady "Hahaha! Yeah! I've got a horn on my nose. How great is that?"

Bebop "And, Rocksteady, we work for the Shredder now. He's taking over all of New York."

Rocksteady "He's like the king of New York."

Bebop "That makes us like the dukes of New York."

Rocksteady "Oh yeah! I bet the Shredder is like the coolest!"

Bebop "Hey, do you think the Shredder would dig it if I wore turtle shells for shoulder pads?"

Rocksteady "Haha, he does have a problem with turtles..."

Rocksteady "I bet the guy would love it."

Rocksteady "Dude, he's going to love us! We're going to be best friends!"



Ninja "The master is no one's friend!"

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"Ah, Karai, I see you brought some wildlife."

Xiang "I had heard of the fox woman, but this..."

Xiang "...The Foot Clan is full of surprises."


Xiang "Your letter didn't say why you're coming, but I believe I know what brings you here. Please, join me for tea in my private office."

Bebop "This is a pretty sweet gig, huh, guys?"

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Rocksteady "What? You guys never seen mutants before?"

Bebop "Ha. Yeah, you guys are probably shaking in your boots right now."

Bebop "Nice pajamas... But what's that on your shirt?"


Rocksteady "Hahaha!"

Rocksteady "That one never gets old."

Ghost Boy "You just broke his nose! You are going to pay for that, freak!"

Rocksteady "You guys need to learn to take a joke."


Rocksteady "Whoa."

Bebop "Heh heh heh oh, man..."

Bebop "Hey fellas, don't go starting trouble, okay?"

Rocksteady "Yeah. Be professionals!"

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Karai "I know how this must be for you, Xiang. I see what you've built here. I see that you are proud of this gang..."

Karai "...But pride clouds your judgment. The Foot Clan is a force that your gang can't contend with. If you disrespect the rule of the Shredder and fail to attend his upcoming ceremony, you and your Ghost Boys will be erased from this city."

Xiang "Why, Karai, of course we will be attending."

Xiang "Your visit here, threatening me, it was for nothing. I am looking forward to the ceremony."



Xiang "What is this?!"

Karai "What have you done?!"

Rocksteady "Uh... Things got a little intense out here. We've got it under control though."

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Xiang "So you've brought your monsters here to destroy us in our own home. Chen, kill her now!"


Rocksteady "Oh no you don't!"

Xiang "This is cowardly and underhanded, even for the Foot! And the Shredder expects me to submit to him? Never!"

Rocksteady "It's okay. I'm all right."

Bebop "Don't worry, boss. I got her!"

Rocksteady "Yeah, leave this to us, boss."

Karai "This ends now..."

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Bebop "It's like she's inhumanly fast. I know we're the mutants but she's freakishly fast, am I right?"

Rocksteady "I got an idea!"

Rocksteady "We'll cut her off at the pass!"


Bebop "Rocksteady, you're a genius!"

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Rocksteady "You missed her! She's right here, you bozo!"

Xiang "The Ghost Boys will never bow to trash!"

Bebop "First you ruin this meeting, now you insult the might of the Foot Clan?"

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Bebop "What are you doing? Your horn almost poked my eye out, you jerk!"

Rocksteady "Who you calling a jerk, you gumball? I woulda had her if you wasn't in my way!"


Bebop "Hey, that tickles, you little creeps!"

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Police "Stop! Police!"

Police "This is the police. We have the building surrounded. Come out with your hands up."

Rocksteady "The cops! What should we do now, Bebop?"

Bebop "Maybe we pretend to be a regular warthog and rhino-saurus and they'll just let us go."


Rocksteady "What's that sound?"

Bebop "Wait. How many walls did we break down? There was the first one, then there was—"

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Bebop "Eat this, suckers!"

Rocksteady "Oh, man. We screwed up, Bebop."

Rocksteady "Karai was in there."

Rocksteady "I think we just killed Karai!"

Bebop "..."

Bebop "...The Ghost Guys started it. None of this would have happened if they hadn't started it."

Bebop "And also, these Chinatown buildings, they're just not made good. I think they're made in China."

Rocksteady "Bebop, Karai is dead. And we probably also killed whatever deal they were trying to make with the Ghost Guys. We screwed up! We screwed up again!"

Bebop "You're right. Shredder's gonna kick us out of the gang for sure!... Or worse!"

Rocksteady "What could be worse than getting kicked out?"

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Bebop "He'll kill us."

Rocksteady "Kill us? We're super strong. We could probably take him easy. We'll pound him into letting us work for him!"

Rocksteady "How 'bout this. Let's just tell Shredder that Karai ran away, or joined the Ghost Boys."

Bebop "Hey, that ain't a bad idea. She decided that the Ghost Boys were a better fit for her or something."


Thwip Thwip Thwip

Bebop "Huh?"


Bebop "You guys got it all wrong."

Rocksteady "We was just doin' out job. The Ghost Boys started the fight, and then Karai ran away."

Bebop "Yeah, she said nobody understands me, and so on."

Page 17

Karai "Silence."

Rocksteady "Karai!"

Rocksteady "Thank goodness. We thought you were dead."

Bebop "Yeah, we thought we were in big trouble..."

Karai "You two have dishonored the Foot Clan and brought me shame. I knew that you were stupid but this... It's time to cut my losses."

Karai "Goodbye, Bebop and Rocksteady."

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Rocksteady "You can't kick us out."

Bebop "I know we messed up... Bu we can do better."

Rocksteady "We ain't going back to being losers. Just don't kick us out."

Karai "Even when the Foot Clan attempts to kill you... You still wish to belong?"

Rocksteady "Well, sure. The Foot Clan is the best there is."

Rocksteady "Plus, no one else will have us. We've been kicked out of every other gang."

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Karai "Move and you're dead."

Karai "Defeating Foot soldiers is one thing, but to me you are vulnerable idiots whom I have no problem killing."

Karai "Violence. Destruction. I see now that that is all you are good for. Today, I'm letting you live. But never forget, your lives now belong to the Foot."

Page 21

Rocksteady "Sorry we ruined things with the Ghost Guys."

Karai "Xiang Fei Tong was an arrogant fool. She planned to make an attempt on Shredder's life... The Ghost Boys' demise was inevitable."

Bebop "I think that means we're still in!"

Rocksteady "Yeah... I hope Shredder ain't as mean as her."

Bebop "Of course he ain't. You think you can become the king of all of New York by being a jerk?"

Page 22

[Later that night.]

Bebop & Rocksteady ""

Bebop & Rocksteady "Theeeeeeey're Rocksteady and Bebop—"

Bebop & Rocksteady "—They're strong to the finish—"

Bebop "And they just don't stop—!"

Rocksteady "They'll beat you with fists, with a bat, with a knife—"

Bebop "So don't try to stop them—just run for your life—"

Bebop & Rocksteady "Get set and get ready—for Bebooooop and Rocksteadyyyyy!"

Bebop & Rocksteady "Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

Bebop "What a night! We gotta get our old punk band started up again."

Bebop "But why'd we come back here, huh, Rocksteady? This place is full of bad memories. I'd have been happy to never see this dump again."

Rocksteady "Just to say goodbye."

Rocksteady "Hey, remember when you told me that we needed to be a new Rocksteady and Bebop?"

Rocksteady "Well, just look at us now."

Bebop "Yeah. I was so mad that night I punched this hole in the wall."

Bebop "Ha! I wanted to wreck this place even back then."

Rocksteady "Well then, why don't we finish the job?"


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