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Issue #7 of the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series by IDW Publishing. This issue details Bebop and Rocksteady's induction into the Foot Clan and subsequent rise through the ranks. Released on October 30th, 2013.


Bebop is being punched in the face. Rocksteady is kneed in the gut and the two of them are left writhing on the ground. They have been kicked out of yet another gang for being bumbling fools. Back at their dingy apartment, the two vent their frustrations at having no gang, no power, and no food. Rocksteady is spitballing ideas for making some quick cash but Bebop in a fit of rage punches a hole in the wall and says they can't keep doing the same thing; they've got to do things differently, start being a new Bebop and Rocksteady. 

Bebop and Rocksteady are at a bar talking to a guy who works for a guy who works for the Foot Clan. He tells them how great it is working for the Foot, how they're taking over the city, and how the leader, the Shredder, is a force to be reckoned with. He tells the pair that he'll bring them along on the next job he's given. 

After working as low-level goons in the Foot for some time, the two are given an opportunity to improve their standing in the form of an offer to try out for a "special unit", under the leadership of Oroku Karai. Bebop and Rocksteady undergo a thorough training regimen, lasting quite a while. Their final test is an all-out group brawl, where the last two standing win the chance to become mutants. Bebop and Rocksteady pick the animals they want their DNA combined with (a warthog and a rhinoceros, respectively). After their transformation, Karai tells them that they are now ready for a final test, to see how they perform in an uncontrolled environment. 

Bebop and Rocksteady accompany Karai and some Foot Ninja to a meeting with Xiang Fei Tong, the leader of the Ghost Boys, a Triad gang based in Chinatown. (Xiang previously made an unnamed cameo at the meeting of crime bosses seen in City Fall, part 4.) Karai explicitly tells the two that their only job is to be present, to demonstrate the power of the Foot Clan. Karai leaves to go oversee that the other parts of the plan are ready, and Bebop and Rocksteady talk excitedly about how cool it is to be part of the Foot Clan. They are enthusiastically talking about how great the Foot is, how powerful the Shredder is becoming, and how they're going to be Shredder's new best friends. The two are being so annoying that they cause a Foot Ninja who is sitting near them to stand up and slap Rocksteady, proclaiming, "The Master is no one's friend!"

At the meeting, Xiang is impressed by the Foot Clan's ability to create mutants, as she had previously only been aware of one, Alopex. Karai and Xiang leave their underlings while they discuss business over tea. Bebop and Rocksteady, unable to stand quietly for more than a few minutes, engage some of the Ghost Boys in conversation. They comment on how cool it is to be the muscle in a gang as powerful as the Foot, and how scared the Ghost Boys likely are as they've never seen a mutant before. Bebop approaches a member of the Ghost Boys and pulls the old "you've got something on your shirt" bit, inadvertently breaking the man's nose in the process. One of the other Ghost Boys tells him he'll pay for that; Rocksteady tells him he needs to learn to take a joke and punches him clear across the room and out a window. Rocksteady is surprised by his own strength. As the remaining Ghost Boys draw their weapons and surround them, Bebop and Rocksteady tell them to calm down and not start any trouble. 

Inside Xiang's office, Karai has just convinced her to not let her pride cloud her judgment and to submit to the Foot Clan. They hear a commotion outside and are shocked to see all the Ghost Boys laid out on the floor, Bebop and Rocksteady standing over them. Karai is outraged by the pair's disobedience. Xiang thinks that it was all part of Karai's plan, and orders a Ghost Boy to kill them. Rocksteady charges into a Ghost Boy who was about to shoot, plowing straight through a wall. Bebop and Rocksteady chase after Xiang while Karai fights off members of the Ghost Boys. The two take a shortcut through several more walls and get the drop on Xiang. However, the two get in each other's way and bicker amongst themselves, allowing more Ghost Boys to arrive and start shooting them. Bebop and Rocksteady aren't injured at all, merely annoyed, and proceed to take them out. Xiang, having successfully slipped away, makes it out the front door, only to find the building surrounded by the police. Inside, Bebop and Rocksteady hear the police and contemplate what their next move should be. Luckily for them, they don't have to think for long before the building collapses, as a result of all the walls the two knocked down. The two flee, worrying that they've screwed everything up and probably killed Karai. 

Bebop and Rocksteady recoup at a rail yard. The two attempt to blame the whole situation on the Ghost Boys, and worry that they're going to get kicked out of the Foot, or worse. They decide to simply go back and tell Shredder that the Ghost Boys started a fight and Karai ran away to join them, when suddenly a group of Foot Ninja lead by Karai show up and attack them. Karai tells them that they have dishonored the Foot Clan and shamed her as well, and she is cutting her losses. The Foot ninjas attack, at first appearing to have the upper hand out of sheer numbers. However, Bebop and Rocksteady's might is too much, and they slay all of their attackers. Bebop and Rocksteady plead with Karai, asking her not to kick them out of the gang and promising to do better. Karai is surprised by their eagerness to remain in the Clan even after an attempt to kill them. In a flash of movement, Karai removes the ammo clip from a gun, throws it into Rocksteady's mouth, and positions her sword against it, one move away from killing him. She tells them that now she knows that they are not good with finesse, only violence and destruction. She tells them they will be allowed to stay, but their lives now belong to the Foot.

Bebop and Rocksteady are at their old apartment celebrating their first "victory" as mutants and the fact that they've been allowed to remain in the Foot Clan. They're drinking and singing and thinking about how far they've come. Bebop wonders why they even came back to their old place, with all the bad memories it holds for them. Bebop looks at the hole he punched in the wall, and the two decide to finish the job. The building collapses and the two laugh. 






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