The Sandy Sewer Searcher!

Vital Spitistics

Accessories: Blast ‘em Boom Box Gun, Sewer Shot Camera, Lei Nunchuku, Pompous Pineapple Drink
Favorite Target: Right Between Shredder’s Eyes
Favorite Find: Day Old Pizza
Most Famous Find: Lifeguard Leo’s Inner Tube

Beachcombin’ Mike spits in the eyes of danger. He spits in the face of fear. Let’s face it, the boy loves to spit – and spit he does! Mike is one beachcomber who always has his Pompous Pineapple Drink loaded up and ready to splash in the face of the Foot. This sand-scourin’ sewer searcher loves to dig deep for buried treasure and yesterday’s lunch. And if some dumb dune dude thinks he can lay claim on Mike’s find or food, he’ll soak the dirty dude with his super spittin’ action. And for those really tough crooks, Mike has the blast ‘em boom box gun loaded, lubed and ready to fire. So if you’re on the wrong side of the law, be warned – Beachcombin’ Mike’ll find ya!

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