Baxterstockman 30

Baxter Stockman is a Heroclix figurine in the first set release. It is based on his 1987 TV series incarnation following his mutation.


Monster, Scientist, TMNT Villain

Powers and abilities

  • Four ArmZZZZ: Baxter Stockman may carry up to 4 ᙙᙖ characters.
  • Bright lightzzzz draw me... (Sidestep)
  • Alwayzzzz trapped tranzzzz-dimenzzzzionally! (Phasing/Teleport)
  • Lazzzzer cannonzzzz! (Energy Explosion)
  • Multi-faceted eyezzzz (Super Senses)
  • Dive! (Energy Shield/Deflection)
  • I'm a hideouzzzz monzzzzter! (Shape Change)
  • Muta-Zoo Ray: Baxter Stockman can use Outwit and Perplex, but only to target the same opposing character.
  • My friend the alien computer (Perplex)

Point value: 60
Universe: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 Animated Series)

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