"You're in my houzze now, homiezz!"
— Stockman-Fly

Baxter Stockman appears in the 2012 TV series, voiced by Phil LaMarr. Like the Mirage and 2003 incarnations, Stockman is an African-American scientist. He debuted in the episode "I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman". Like the 1987 TV series, Baxter did mutate into a mutant fly and the Turtles mispronounce his name. He remained in that form until "Owari", when Michelangelo cured him with Retro-Mutagen.


Not much is known about his early life, aside from the fact that it clearly wasn't a happy one, since so many people have walked over him. As a child prodigy, he was often teased and bullied by classmates at school, and his co-workers as an adult. It's implied that he may have been abused by his parents as well.

During his childhood, he decided to make himself an amazing intellect by presenting a volcano with real lava at the school science fair. To his dismay, however, that resulted with the entire gym burning down and him getting expelled Baxter's Gambit. Afterwards, he got a job, working at a TCRI office complex in Brooklyn, but was fired over an incident with nothing but a broken copier machine involving spilled printer toner ink. To get revenge, he built his very own powered battle armor and tried to break into the building.  

He first appeared in “I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman” where he was seen trying to break into a building in a shriveled suit of armor. The Turtles stopped him, but Stockman came into possession of Donatello's T-Pod (which has a military-grade artificial intelligence chip) and incorporated it into his armor. This results with the armor upgrading itself into a larger size, proving him a competent threat to the Turtles, who still expressed sympathy for the hapless scientist.

With his new rudimentary armor, Stockman successfully attacked the office that he was promptly fired from. The attack was reported live on the news, revealing his identity to the Turtles, as well as showing them that he had the T-Pod. Thus, they tracked Stockman down to his hideout to get the T-Pod back, but this time, Stockman was way too powerful for them. After a while, Stockman's armor upgraded itself once again using the advanced A.I. chip, and the Turtles had no choice but to escape back to their lair.

Later, Stockman faced the Turtles for yet a third time, but they had thought of a better strategy this time. While Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello merely distracted Stockman, Mikey retrieved a beehive from a nearby greenhouse and threw it directly into the suit's one and only opening. The swarm of bees stung Stockman from inside the suit, allowing Leonardo to break the T-Pod in two. The powerless Stockman was then defeated and thrown in the trash for the second time.

In "Mousers Attack!", Stockman makes a reappearance attempting to get more success as a self-proclaimed villain thanks to his robotic M.O.U.S.E.R.S. The robots simply start off by stealing various loot from the Purple Dragons gang, which leads Leo and Raph to his hideout. Stockman is more than ready for them this time, however. He has a seemingly endless supply of robots at his disposal, and sprays the two Turtles with a tracking mist so that the robots can chase them all over town. However, Stockman is then knocked out by Purple Dragons Tsoi and Sid and taken to Dogpound to criticize him for stealing their loot. Dogpound spares Stockman's life when he finds that they have a mutual animosity for the Turtles, plus Stockman has the electronic skills to hack into April O'Neil's recently stolen cell phone. Stockman does not have time to do the deed, however, when the Turtles end up bringing the Mousers into the building with them. Dogpound soon takes Stockman to the Shredder. The Shredder is very angry with Stockman for his interference, yet lets him live because of his skill in robotics might turn out to be something useful, which we later find out is to provide Xever Montes with an apparatus, allowing the latter to breathe, fight, and walk on land.

In "The Alien Agenda", Stockman is seen laying the 'final' touches on Xever's apparatus. The breathing rig seems to work very well, but Stockman seems to have a lot of difficulty in getting the robotic legs to function properly. When Karai comes into the Shredder's hideout with a broken Kraangdroid, Stockman finds that it has the exact technology that he needs to perfect Xever's new legs.

Later, in "The Pulverizer", Stockman successfully completes Xever's legs with more Kraang technology that he had the Purple Dragons construct an operation to steal for him. Thanks to a tip from The Pulverizer, the Turtles track them down to Stockman's hideout. Michelangelo quickly dubs Xever "Fishface" upon seeing his ghastly mutated form, and the Turtles ensuingly fight him, but are quickly outmatched. When Donatello and the Pulverizer then crash into the building with the massive Shellraiser, Stockman retreats, along with both Fishface and the Purple Dragons.

In "Baxter's Gambit", Stockman appears as the primary villain. He tells the Shredder of his fool-proof plan, which is seemingly (at first) to lure only the Turtles into his trap, which he names the Maze of Doom. However, Stockman secretly plots to lure Dogpound and Fishface into the Maze of Doom as well, because the two had previously been harassing and threatening to harm him multiple times. His plan on trapping all of them in the maze would thus cover his own revenge on all of them, but, although they fall for his villainous scheme, the Turtles, Dogpound, and Fishface successfully battle their way through, by working together, despite normally being sworn enemies. Stockman then unleashes the Monster of Doom, a modified Stockman Pod, to attack his enemies. After the Monster of Doom is destroyed, Stockman uses his metal helicopter hat to fly away from the Turtles, Dogpound, and Fishface, though vows to return.

In "Mikey Gets Shellacne", Stockman soon sets up a headquarters in the battered remains of T.C.R.I., so he can start creating his army of mutants. The Turtles find him there while looking for a molecular centrifuge to cure Mikey of his acne. As Stockman unleashes the M.O.U.S.E.R.S. to attack the turtles, Dogpound also arrives. Dogpound manages to get his hands on both Stockman and the molecular centrifuge. Upon Dogpound seeing some mutagen tanks in Stockman's lab, the deranged engineer states that he has been planning to make an army of mutants. When Stockman claims that he can make Dogpound and Fishface humans again, Dogpound places a mutagen collar around Stockman's neck as "insurance", however the Michelangelo and Dogpound battle, eventually resulting in Dogpound falling into one of Stockman's mutagen tanks and mutating into Rahzar, who proves to be incredibly powerful in combat. However, Stockman's project is crashed by Michelangelo, when the latter tricks Rahzar into striking an electric power plug. Stockman, Rahzar, and Fishface are all electrocuted when the sprinklers are activated by Donatello. By the time Stockman wakes up, the turtles are gone and Karai stands over him. Pointing her sword at his neck, she coerces him to not only serve her, but for Shredder as well.

Stockman then makes a few minor appearances throughout The Manhattan Project, Part 1, mostly while talking to Rahzar and Fishface.

In "The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman", Stockman is first seen in his lab, working on his computer. The Shredder enters with Rahzar and threatens Stockman after his various attempts at making a mutant army for the Foot failed miserably. Before leaving, the Shredder activates Stockman's mutagen collar, covering him in mutagen and transforming him into a fly-human hybrid after a fly lands on his nose. Some time later, the now-mutated Stockman is wandering around his lab, now depressed that he will never be taken seriously as an engineer. He then comes to the conclusion that combining his mutated DNA with pure human DNA will result in a being more powerful than he was originally. Rahzar then enters the lab with two Foot-Bots, curious about what Stockman mutated into. Stockman, under cover of darkness, destroys the Foot-Bots and covers Rahzar in stomach acid before flying out a window. Later on, as he searches for a human to combine his DNA with, he overhears the Turtles attempting to use the newly made Retro-Mutagen on Kirby O'Neil, and attempts to steal it for himself. This results in the destruction of the first dose before it can be used. Returning to his original plan, Stockman grabs April and brings her to his lab. He ties her up above his vat of mutagen and explains his plan to her. Casey Jones, Leonardo and Donatello then arrive to save April and fight off Stockman. During this fight, it is revealed that April is immune to mutagen, explaining why her DNA worked as the catalyst for the Retro-Mutagen. Rahzar then breaks in with several Foot-Bots, wanting the Retro-Mutagen for himself. Donatello, April, Leonardo and Casey escape with the Retro-Mutagen, and Stockman and Rahzar follow. This results in a large-scale chase involving the Turtles, Stockman, Rahzar, several flying Foot-Bots, and Casey and April riding on Kirby's back. In the end, the second and final dose of Retro-Mutagen is nearly destroyed, but April manages to cover Kirby with it, returning him to normal. Later on, Stockman is dragged into the Shredder's lair by several Foot-Bots, and is ordered by Shredder to make one last mutant for him, or have his wings plucked.

In "The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto", Stockman is one of the individuals sent out to retrieve the Shredder's helmet. He is paired with Fishface.

In "Vengeance is Mine", it is revealed that the Shredder had Stockman working on a special kind of mutagen, which would turn the turtles into mindless snakes upon exposure. Stockman does not let the Shredder know that he accidentally spilled in an extra chemical during the creation of the mutagen, and states that everything is ready. The Shredder uses Karai as bait, setting her up to be mutated but not planning on letting her fall in. However, when the turtles and Splinter come to rescue her, she falls in and gets mutated anyway, setting fire to Stockman's lab in the process.

In "Return to New York", Stockman has gotten a new lab, with a giant vat of mutagen, and the Shredder Elite as personal body guards. Before being assigned to cure Splinter's amnesia, he is seen working on retro mutagen. The turtles arrive in his lab to release Splinter, and Stockman attempts to call the Foot for support, but fails to do so. Outnumbered, he "evens the odds" by releasing the Shredder Elite to back him up. This appears to work until Splinter's amnesia is cured, at which point he destroys the Elite. By this point, however, Mikey has inadvertently called the Foot to the lab, and the turtles leave with Splinter.

In "Serpent Hunt", Stockman appears at the end of the episode. His only significant role in this episode is mutating Ivan Steranko and Anton Zeck into Rocksteady and Bebop respectively.

In "The Pig and The Rhino", Stockman is seen alongside the Shredder and his other mutant henchmen who watch Steranko and Zeck become enraged after helping his master mutate them at the end in the previous episode. They prepare to fight the two mutants who try to attack the Shredder, but they are told by the Foot leader to stand down for he will deal with them himself. He then watches the Shredder easily dodge their attacks and defeat them. He then watches his master offer them a deal to serve him to which they both agree to. He then orders them to find and capture Karai like they did before and not to fail for the consequences will be severe.

In "Casey Jones VS. The Underworld", Stockman is seen in his lab where the Shredder is as he checks Karai who is being held in a small glassed in habitat. The Shredder then commands him to find a solution to turn Karai back to human and soon. When the Purple Dragons arrive and give the Shredder more of the chemicals he is looking for, Stockman states that he does not have the necessary equipment for the chemicals. The Shredder angrily demands that he find the equipment, which he agrees to. 

In "The Noxious Avenger", Shredder sent Bebop and Rocksteady to obtain ingredients for him to complete his mind control serum. He is seen later on working presumably on the mind control serum.

In "Clash of the Mutanimals", Stockman infects Slash, Dr. Tyler Rockwell, and Raphael with mind-controlling worms. Later, when the other Turtles and Mutanimals break into the Shredder's hideout, Stockman engages in a fight with Pigeon Pete.

In "Meet Mondo Gecko", Baxter appears as a referee for Xever's race against the captured Michelangelo and Casey Jones as well as Mondo Gecko. He later spectates the match, accidentally regurgitating on Tiger Claw's food.

In "The Deadly Venom", Baxter finishes synthesizing the Mind Control Serum to be much more lethal before administering a brain worm into Karai, who is now capable of retaining intelligence in mutant form according to Stockman through unknown methods.

In the end of "City at War", Baxter is at an injured Shredder's bedside in the Foot Clan's new lair and is injecting Shredder with mutagen.

Shown later in "The Insecta Trifecta", with Tiger Claw and his other henchmen having become useless as of late, Shredder finds it ironic that he's turning to Stockman for help due to how loyal he has been helping the Shredder with his recovery, reminding him that the mutagen drip he administered to help Shredder recover is a batch designed to avoid the side-effects of normal mutagen. Bolstered by that show of faith in him from Shredder, Stockman begins his plans to reimburse the Shredder's money caches with creating two new mutants to help him, Antrax and Scumbug, also mentioning how with his new bug henchmen, he'll have friends to have around whenever he's not serving the Shredder.

Their first target is robbing a bank, where they are confronted by two officers from the NYPD. Scumbug easily overpowers both of the officers, while Stockman tempts Antrax with candy to get him to rob the bank. When confronted by Casey and Raphael, Raphael leaves Casey to fend for himself as his bug phobia causes him to run away in fear. Casey is captured and, at his old lair, Stockman is warned by Scumbug that the Turtles will probably find them soon enough. Realizing he's right, Stockman plans to move to a new hideout in a skyscraper construction site, but first decides to go after Karai for all the trouble she's caused to the Shredder's criminal empire.

Attacking her at Shredder's old lair, Stockman is able to capture her, only for the rest of the Turtles to intervene, but thanks to Raphael suffering another panic attack, Stockman kidnaps not only Karai, but April and Leonardo as well.

Taking them back to his new lair, Stockman plans on using his prisoners as food for his bug henchmen, before the other Turtles attack the hideout, and thanks to Raphael using a mantra taught to him by Splinter, he's able to overcome his bug phobia to defeat Stockman, rescue Leo and the others, and force Stockman to abandon his henchmen and flee back to the Shredder in defeat.

Though Stockman prepares to face the consequences as he reports his mission a failure to Shredder, Shredder is not concerned in the slightest as he points out to Stockman that his mutagen drip he administered to Shredder is finally taking effect as Shredder begins to mutate as razor-sharp blades emerge from his arm and the back of his hand.

In "The Super Shredder", Stockman comes to see if Shredder is fine. However, even he's receiving the mutagen drip. Shredder desires his strength back as fast as possible so he orders Stockman to give him the rest of the mutagen. Stockman refuses since the formula is too unstable and would cause disasters results to Shredder's sanity. Threatened being ripped apart until his head, Stockman agrees and then the unstable mutagen kicks on Shredder, turning him into a super mutant. Tiger Claw comes to see what happened and blames Stockman for what happened to Shredder but his master says its what he desired and refuses to let Stockman finish the doses, saying its time to prepare a trap for Splinter. He watches Splinter, The Turtles and April approaching to the part of the sewers Shredder fought Splinter making Michelangelo having the strange feeling there being watched.

In "Requiem" he appears administering that last dose of Mutagen to the Shredder that stabilizes his mutation.

In "Owari", during the Turtles' raid on Shredder's hideout, Stockman is cured by Michelangelo with Donatello's second dose of Retro Mutagen. However, Stockman is enraged instead, as he had begun to like his former mutant form, despite it being a hideous monster. Michelangelo then knocks out Stockman with a single punch. When called out for wasting the Retro Mutagen by Donnie, Mikey, expresses regret, but misses the point by claiming that he couldn't believe that Stockman would be so ungrateful. Later, as the turtles are sitting on a rooftop with April, Casey and Karai, a billboard is shown in the background advertising "Stockman Industries" with a picture of a mouser, implying that Stockman survived and founded his own company after Shredder's death, presumably having commercialized the mouser robots. The slogan of the company is "Making today's dreams tomorrow's reality".

Inventions & Creations[]


Baxter Stockman's rather timid and dorky appearance belies a vicious and vengeful heart. He harbors deep rooted resentment at a world that he feels has constantly wronged him. In Baxter's Gambit, he admitted that he was "full on mega crazy" to the turtles and his Foot allies. Stockman is looked down upon by other people as a weak, pathetic person, which only adds more fuel to his resentment, although he often acts as just that when facing dominating personalities, such as Rahzar or the Shredder. The main thing that can make Stockman surprisingly dangerous is his skills in engineering powerful weapons, robotics and various other useful inventions; though he has a rather humorous habit of incorporating the phrase 'of doom' into their names.

After he mutated, his sanity seemed to degrade further as he became much more aggressive and sadistic, showing a particular joy in mutating, or attempting to mutate, others into monsters. Stockman also seems to have become more willingly servile and attends to the Shredder's demands gleefully instead of fearfully. Perhaps most notable of all is his new sweet tooth, much like real flies, and it seems a chocolate bar is enough to buy his loyalty. Stockman is also shown to value friendship and loyalty to Shredder above all else, as both of these values resulted in the creation of Scumbug and Antrax, the only friends he ever had, although he ended up abandoning them in order to make sure Shredder had someone to check on him, a decision that genuinely hurt him. Due to his loyalty to Shredder, Stockman ended up becoming less of a tragic figure as the series went on. Even in the season four finale, he acts ungrateful towards Mikey curing him as he ended up enjoying being a fly.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a human, Stockman is a genius mechanical and electrical engineer who was able to rig a model volcano to erupt with real lava when he was just a teenager, and construct a battle suit on a tight budget from scrap. He is also a skilled hacker, such as when he was able to hack into April's phone and the Turtles' T-Phone's. He also has enough knowledge of genetics to create 73 mutants in an attempt to construct a mutant army.

After mutating into his fly form, he retained his intelligence and engineering skills, but also gained increased physical abilities, such as an increased sense of hearing, increased strength (enough to take on the Turtles and Casey Jones in hand-to-hand combat), and of course, the ability to fly. Stockman's wings gave him enough flying speed to keep up with the Shellraiser, and make him difficult to hit (much like a fly). Also, like a fly, he could crawl along flat surfaces, regardless of their inclination (such as walls and ceilings) and he could generate acidic saliva with enough strength to dissolve metal. Stockman was also capable of spitting this saliva a very generous distance, and is accurate enough to use it while flying.


  • Baxter Stockman's looks are a direct tribute to comedy actor Richard Pryor and his evil nerd shtick comes from Pryor's role as Gus Gorman in Superman III with whom he also shares his genius with computers and robotics, hyperactive behavior and his vengeful attitude towards anybody he feels has done him wrong.
  • One of the running gags in the show is the Turtles get his name wrong, so far the only episodes that the Turtles got his name right is "I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman" and "The Pulverizer".
  • Stockman used to work at T.C.R.I. as shown in "I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman".
  • Stockman is included in's "Mutation Station" gallery, which has the following description of him: "This neighborhood tinkerer was powerless until his robot suit paired up with Donnie's MP3 player and a drip of ooze!" This is incorrect. When Stockman's armor is upgraded, there is no mutagen involved in the upgrade.
  • Another running gag is sometimes the turtles would throw him in the dumpster as shown in "I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman".
  • In "The Manhattan Project, Part 1", Stockman claims that he is allergic to fish.
  • Stockman mutated into a fly in "The Lonely Mutation Of Baxter Stockman". This is a reference to the 1987 series, which is itself a reference to the famous George Langelaan short story The Fly and its film adaptations.
    • This mutation bears a distinct resemblance to the Fly from Return of the Fly! because of its large head.
    • He also eats in a similar manner to a real fly, vomiting digestive acid onto his food and then drinking the resulting sludge.
  • He is the only one of Shredder's henchmen to retro-mutate.