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Page 1

[I've been here for too long, playing lackey to the extradimensional warlord Krang.]

[He tasked me with overseeing the completion of the Technodrome, a work of terrifying proportions and limitless possibility.]

[I've been doing my best to learn more than Krang is willing to share, but I've barely scratched the surface.]

[Still, I understand enough.]

[Krang intends to use the Technodrome to terraform the Earth, remaking it to better suit his people's needs...]

[...But such an extensive change would not suit my own.]

Page 2

[I can live with a dictator.]

[Dictators can be influened... Or replaced.]

[But Krang's radical transformation of the ecosystem would be irreversible, and would render the Earth unfit for human habitation.]

[I obviously can't allow this, but I can't openly defy Krang.]

[This leaves me with a problem.]

[But all problems have a solution. My father taught me that...]

Page 3

Robert Stockman (flashback) "...You just have to learn to think, son."

Robert (fb) "When you think, you can turn anything into a win."

Robert (fb) "And winning is what life is all about!"

Baxter Stockman (fb) "Dad, a dumb game can't teach me to think."

Baxter (fb) "I can already do that."

Robert (fb) "This game forces you to anticipate obstacles, and how you'll get past them."

Robert (fb) "If you already know how to think so well, then why do I keep beating you?"

Baxter (fb) "I almost won the last one. You just got lucky!"

Robert (fb) "No."


Robert (fb) "Luck is a bunch of superstitious claptrap."

Robert (fb) "We believe only in the power of our minds and what we can accomplish with them."

Robert (fb) "Now set the board up again."

Page 4

Krang >Stockman!<

Krang >I expect you to answer immediately when I call. I want a status report.<

Baxter "My {ahem} apologies, General, I was in the middle of a rather complex calculation."

Baxter >As for the Technodrome, it remains on schedule, just as it was the last time you asked.<

Krang "I would prefer ahead of schedule. I'm tired of waiting."

Baxter >Do you want it done sooner or do you want it done right?<

Krang "You seem to be under the impression that I'm offering a choice."

Krang >Perhaps if you weren't focusing so much on your little side projects...<

Baxter "This? This is for the Technodrome, General."

Krang >I fail to see a connection.<

Page 5

Baxter "The people I have working under me are of limited competence. Some innovation was needed to further speed things along."

Krang >And this is what you came up with?<

Krang >Perhaps I've misjudged exactly how much responsibility your kind can handle before your pathetic minds break.<

Baxter "I was inspired by the notion of insect colonies, General."

Baxter "This is my prototype Flyborg. Part mutated insect, part machine."

Baxter "Small enough to fit in cramped spaces, strong than any human worker, more intuitive than a mechanical drone..."

Baxter "...And best of all..."

Baxter "...Completely expendable."

Page 6

Baxter "I'm going to take this one on a trial run."

Baxter "If it performs to expectations, I'll make enough of these to put the Technodrome ahead of schedule."

Krang >Hm. You might've actually stumbled across something worthwhile here.<

Krang >Keep me informed—<

Krang >—And when I say that, Stockman, I expect you to do so this time.<

Baxter ··You arrogant little—··

[No. Breathe.]

[Don't get angry.]

Page 7

Robert (fb) "Well? You gonna move or aren't you?"

Baxter (fb) "I'm thinking."

Robert (fb) "You should already have several ideas based on the available moves your choice will give me."

Robert (fb) "Maybe you're not as smart as I thought you were."

Baxter (fb) "There."

Robert (fb) "See what you did there? You moved your knight right into my trap because you were angry."

Robert (fb) "There will always be things that make you mad, son, but anger shakes your concentration, and then you make mistakes."

Baxter (fb) "...Can I have a do-over?"

Robert (fb) "There are no do-overs in life, Baxter, only other people trying to win..."

Robert (fb) "...Your move."

Page 8

[Even unfinished, the Technodrome is magnificent.]

[A wonder of alien technology.]

[With it, I could change the world.]

[Not through overt conquest—why make myself a target?]

[No, I'd simply be a gatekeeper to the technology, allowing access to the world, in exchange for influence.]

[It would be better for everyone.]

[Better than a dead Earth, certainly.]

[If only I could simply take full control of the Technodrome... But Krang trusts no one. He has protocols in place to keep it secure...]

[...And I'd be foolish to make a move without knowing all possible countermoves.]

Page 9

[The computer systems are monitored, and security is too tight for me to wander freely... If I investigate anything directly, I get caught—and I lose.]

[If Krang realizes what I know, he restricts my access—and I lose.]

[If I do nothing and he successfully terraforms the Earth, I become, at best, a pet...]

[...And I lose.]

Stone Soldier "What is this thing, and why is it in here?"

Flyborg "Not thing."

Stone Soldier "...What? Did it just say something?"

Flyborg "Not."

Flyborg "Thing."

Flyborg "Not exzzzzpendable thing."

Page 10

Baxter "Interesting. Wasn't expecting that level of cognitive function. Still..."



Flyborg "Graaaaaaaagh!"


Flyborg "Hf."

Flyborg "Hf."

Flyborg "Hf."


Flyborg "Grrrraaaaah!"

Baxter "Well, I didn't expect that, either."

Page 11

Stone Soldier "Shut your mutant down, Doctor, or we will fire."

Baxter "And what if there's a ricochet—"

Stone Soldier "Shut it down, Doctor!"

Baxter "I... Can't."

Stone Soldier "Then it better get down on the ground on its own. You hear me, bug?"

Stone Soldier "I said down!"

Stone Soldier "Now!"

Flyborg "No. Will not zzzzubmit."


Stone Soldier "What?!? —Unh!"

[I probably should have warned them...]

[...The Flyborg is much stronger than it looks.]

Page 12 & 13

[The creature was built for maximum strength in a compact size.]

[I imagine it hits like a runaway truck...]

[...And between its small scale, natural exoskeleton, and cybernetic enhancements, it can shrug off all but the most crushing of blows, while evading firepower.]

[In short, a human opponent—even one encased in stone and armed—is hardly a challenge for it in a fair fight.]

[I suppose this is where I should be feeling pity.]

Page 14

[For a moment I feel like Dr. Frankenstein, pursued by his creation... And even though my monster isn't nearly as smart as the one Mary Shelley wrote about...]


[...It's still too powerful for me to stop on my own.]

Krang >Stockman? This better be important...<

Baxter ··General Krang, it's the Flyborg!··

Krang >Why are you whispering?<

Baxter ··My experiment, it... It got away from me and...··

Krang >...And something went wrong? Why, I would never have predicted that.<

Page 15

Krang "Oh, yes. The security footage tells quite the tale."

Krang "A tale in which you've made another mess playing with mutants."

Krang "...And I have grown quite tired of mutants lately."

Baxter "General, you need to send more guards—"

Krang >I "need" to? Watch your tone, Stockman. My patience is not infinite.<

Baxter "I'm... Sorry, General. I put a tracking chip in the Flyborg prototype to keep tabs on it... To know it's coming back this way."

Baxter "Please, there must be some place I can hide. Someplace secure."

Krang >Well, you're not wrong about your little pet. He is coming...<

Baxter "General... Please. Don'g make me beg..."

Krang >Hahahaha! I enjoy seeing this side of you, Stockman. It amuses me.<

Krang >Follow the monitor. I'll help you scurry away to safety.<


Page 16

["Safety"—the nearest secured control room—is a good spring from here.]

[Thankfully, I've kept in shape, which keeps me far enough ahead of the Flyborg.]

[It certainly wouldn't do to be overtaken before I'm ready.]

Baxter "Too slow!"

Flyborg "Zzzzzt!"


Page 17



Flyborg "Scraaaw!"


Baxter "Yes, yes. That's enough of that."


Page 18


Flyborg "Eeeeergh!"

Baxter "If you're wondering why you're in so much pain right now, even after tearing off your collar..."

Baxter "...It's because I have complete control of the cybernetics in your body. Your biological brain may be able to think..."

Baxter "—But that's only because I allowed it."

Flyborg "Why..."

Baxter "Why? I suppose I can tell you. After all, you did just destroy the equipment monitoring this room..."

Baxter "But first, you have something I need."

Page 19

Flyborg "hnh..."

Baxter "You were initially meant to be a simple trojan horse, and introduce a device that could wirelessly harvest bits of data from the Technodrome."

Baxter "Ah, here it is."

Baxter "But then I had a better idea. With some theatrics, I could gain access to everything."



Baxter "Top it off with a little destruction from when you "tore this room apart to find me," and my tracks are covered."

Baxter "Now, there's just one loose end..."

Baxter "...But wait, do you hear that? The sound of rock men tromping down the hall?"

Baxter "Help!"

Baxter "It's in here!"

Baxter "You have to help me!"

Page 20

Stone Soldier "There it is!"

Stone Soldier "End it!"

Flyborg "No... Wait!"

FLYBORG 1.00.1

Stone Soldier "It's attacking—fire at will, but mind the civilian."

Flyborg "No... Not like thizzzz... Wait... Pleazzzze... Wazzzn't me... You muzzzzt..."


Flyborg "...Help me..."

Page 21


[The full details of Krang's plans are unsettling...]

[...Not that he intends to let me live to see them come to fruition.]

[Happily, the files also contain information I can use to wrest control of the Technodrome from him.]

[I can't do it alone...]

[...But there is no shortage of pawns in this world.]

[The Fugitoid, for instance.]

[His mind was responsible for much of the Technodrome, and Krang actually fears his talent for invention. That alone makes him the perfect instrument for my plans. Yes...]

[...I'd call that check.]

Page 22

Robert (fb) "Wait, did you say "check"? A little early, son, we haven't even started playing the game."

Baxter (fb) "Oh, we've been playing the game for years, Dad. Here."

Robert (fb) "What's this...?"

Robert (fb) "..."

Robert (fb) "Is this some kind of joke?!"

Baxter (fb) "Not really. Your office is being cleaned out as we speak. But don't worry—I'll take good care of StockGen now that I'm in charge."

Robert (fb) "Why would you do this? I taught you everything you know—"

Baxter (fb) "Yes, you did."

Baxter (fb) "I admit; I came out here today because I wanted to know if you saw the takeover coming, maybe had one more trick up your sleeve."

Baxter (fb) "I'm a little disappointed that you don't."

Baxter (fb) "But hey, I won."

Baxter (fb) "And that's what life's all about, right, Dad?"

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