Battling Bernice
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During the 1940's


Justice Force

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2003 TV series

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Return of the Justice Force

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Chuck Patton

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Battling Bernice was a super-hero and a member of the Justice Force.


In the 2003 series, she was a member of the original Justice Force and was killed in a battle. She had previously left the team for a year to keep the secret of her and Dr. Dome's daughter Ananda (ironically it was her rejection of Dome in the mirage series that led to his turning to villainy). Years later Ananda attempted to get revenge on the Justice Force whom she blamed for her mother's death, but when defeated, her father informed her that her mother came back to the team because she wanted to protect others.


  • Though she apparently was more attracted to Stainless Steel Steve, in the Mirage comics, neither he or Dr. Dome are Ananda's father. It's most likely she drifted from all her teammates to have a normal life.

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