Battle for New York, Part 2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV series) episode
Season Code: 313
Episode: 65
Original airdate March 15, 2015
Written by Brandon Auman
Producers: Brandon Auman
Vladimir Radev
Directed by Sebastian Montes
Voice Direction Andrea Romano
Supervising Director  Ciro Nieli
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"Battle for New York, Part 1" "Casey Jones VS. The Underworld"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 3
October 3, 2014 - September 27,2015
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"Battle for New York, Part 2" is the thirteenth episode of the third season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV series), the sixty-fifth episode overall in the series, and part 2 of 2 of the mid-season finale of Season 3. It first aired on March 15th, 2015.


While the Mighty Mutanimals lay siege to TCRI, the Turtles must brave the bizarre world of Dimension X to save the enslaved people of New York.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


The episode starts with the Turtle Blimp sailing through the sky with the turtles on board, Raph asked if they really have a plan to which Donnie and Mikey then explain how they're going to reach Dimension X, which Raph understands. Raph does not get how are they going to save the people of New York City that became Kraang hybrids, that's when Leo said Donnie's retro mutagen would work, which he agrees and said that after that Rockwell would, theoretically, transport them all back to Earth. Upon hearing this, Raph said that they're doomed while Leo hoped the Mutanimals could get the portal opened.

Meanwhile, inside TCRI, Slash and his team managed to break into the room where the portal's located and started fighting against the Kraang. Slash ordered Rockwell to get the portal, Rockwell quickly rushes towards the computer and hacks into the Kraang system to open the portal to Dimension X. Upon seeing the portal opening, Leo couldn't believe his eyes that the Mutanimals succeeded, Donnie reminds them to get their oxygen converters ready while the Blimp enters the portal. Unknown to them, Kraang Subprime managed to re-attach his head that was knocked off during the last fight and saw the turtles going to Dimension X, so he secretly followed the Turtles through the portal. Once the Turtles are back in Dimension X, Mikey puts on his Savage Mikey costume and tracks the humans with his 'Organic Antenna'. He did a few moves until he stops on top of the blimp, telling his brothers to go straight.

Back in the TCRI the Mighty Mutanimals tried to hold off the Kraang to keep the portal opened, but Pete said it's impossible since the Kraang keep coming. Later, Ms. Campbell shows up with a couple of Biotroid and Irma-bots, ambushing the Mutanimals. Slash commanded them to not let any of the bots near Rockwell, but Pete got hold down by a few of the Irma-bots. While Slash is knocked away by a Biotroid, Rockwell used his psychic abilities to fire a couple of the Kraang Laser Guns at some of them, the Irma-bots form a pyramid with Ms. Campbell on top. One of the lasers hit the Irma-bot on top, but Ms. Campbell managed to jump and knock Rockwell's Psychic Amplifier off of him, weakening his powers and giving a chance for a Biotroid to grab a hold of him.

With the Turtles, Leo's wondering where are the humans and it feels like they've been searching for hours. Raph asks does Mikey know where they're going, for real, which Mikey says he does. A Kraathatrogon shows up and Raph attacks it with the trash canon, but it has no effect. The giant worm then crashes through the blimp, destroying it and causing the Turtles to crash on a nearby floating island. Mikey whimpers that his brain might be broken, but Raph remarks 'What brain?' and decided to take down the worm himself. But then, the worm attacks Raph from behind, making him fall off of the island in front of Donnie and somehow ended up crashing onto Leo, who was located behind Donnie. The worm then attacks again, and Mikey managed to fend it off by hitting it's butt face, which he reveals is its weak spot.

Donnie then notices something's going on right at a nearby island, which Leo takes a closer look with his telescope. Mikey guessed that the Kraang-hybrids were forced to work like slaves and gather energy crystals for the Kraang. Raph and Donnie then remember the rest of the plan, finding a way to turn the humans back and the Mutanimals finding a way to send them all back to Earth.

However, the Mutanimals do not have things under control since Pete's still being held down by some Irma-bots, and Slash notices Rockwell's being held by both a Biodroid and Ms. Campbell. Slash commands Leatherhead to save Rockwell, but the alligator-mutant got held down by a couple of Biodroids. Slash takes in the situation and notices how his team is now being held hostage, with Ms. Campbell daring to make them perish if Slash doesn't surrender. Rockwell begs Slash to not do it or else the Turtles will be trapped forever but seeing he has no choice, Slash throws his Mace down in defeat and watched as the portal deactivates with the Turtles still on the other side.

In Dimension X, Leo states that the humans are on three nearby floating islands, but Raph wonders how are they going to turn those Kraang-hybrids back into people. Donnie reminds him that they need to find a massive amount of mutagen and convert it into Retromutagen. Mikey said that there might be a ton of mutagen in a Technodrome, but Leo thinks he's crazy of even thinking of stealing it with Raph wondering how are they going to get there, and that's when Donnie points out they could take one of the Kraang Stealth Ship parked nearby. As they're about to enter the Stealth Ship, Kraang Subprime appears, but Mikey managed to knock him away, giving them a chance to leave. Kraang Subprime contacts the Kraang at High base and ordered them to release the Drakodroid, which attacks the Turtles ship, causing them to crash into the Technodrome they're heading.

Back in the TCRI, Slash tries to break out of the glass cage the Mutanimals are in, but Leatherhead says it's useless. Slash started believing Leo was right about him still being evil and that he doesn’t deserve to lead the team, but Leatherhead confronts him by telling him that he does have good intentions. Pete starts panicking, but Rockwell slaps him up, saying he's trying to focus before going in a meditative trance. As for the Turtles, they invaded the Technodrome they're in, fighting against the Kraang in the control room. Mikey told Leo he's leader in Dimension X, and Leo challenged him to find a way to get rid of all of the Kraang-droids. After taking care of them all, Donnie finds out that the Kraang used Mutagen as a fuel to power the Technodrome as Mikey started the ship.

Meanwhile, inside the TCRI, Slash wonders what Rockwell's doing, which Leatherhead simply saying he's focusing due to his psychic powers being greatly diminished without the amplifier. Rockwell managed to open the cage they're in and the Mutanimals started attacking the Kraang again. As for the Turtles, Donnie inserts the chemicals to convert the mutagen in the engine into Retromutagen, only for the Technodrome to stop working. Mikey managed to alter the fuel converters to get the ship running again, just as Kraang Subprime started cutting through the door. Donnie tries to contact the Mutanimals, but there's no answer. Rockwell immediately works on re-opening the portal as Slash stops Ms. Campbell from doing the same trick twice and makes contact with the Turtles. Thanks to both teams geniuses, they managed to turn the humans on one of the three islands back to normal and teleport them back to Earth. Raph refuses to let his particles be beamed, but immediately changed his mind when Kraang Subprime enters the room. Leo's the only Turtle available to hold the Kraang off since Donnie's giving the coordinates to Rockwell, Raph's in charge of beaming the Retromutagen, and Mikey's piloting the Technodrome. Leo managed to prevent more Kraang from entering the room, just as the other three finished teleporting the last of the humans back to Earth and Donnie giving Rockwell their coordinates. All four of them gathered together as Kraang Subprime attacks them, but missed as the Turtles are teleported out of there. Kraang Subprime screams in agony for missing his target as the Technodrome crashed and explodes into nothing.

In New York City, All of the humans were returned to Earth while the Kraang's are teleported back to Dimension X. Soon the city power is restored and the people were free again. The Turtles were soon returned to Earth and saw the humans celebrate their freedom. Leo can’t believe their accomplishment while Mikey did a little victory dance. Elsewhere, April, Casey, and Kurtzman walked out of the pizza parlor when she sense something. She saw Kirby, who was un-mutated. April rushed over just as Kirby sees her. Soon April was reunited with her father again.

On the rooftops, as the Turtles look over the city with relief, Raph asked about the Mighty Mutanimals, which they appeared right behind them. Mikey gives Leatherhead a big hug as Donnie and Rockwell compliment one another of their plan working. Raph pointed out to Leo that the mission couldn't be done without Slash and his team, which Leo agrees and apologizes to Slash for doubting him earlier. Slash just smiles and says he's been trying to model himself over the best leader he ever knew; Leo. Leo announces to both teams that it's time to celebrate as they both shouted "BOOYAKASHA!".


  • This episode, along side with Part 1, was aired a week early on
  • Inside the Technodrome the ship's captain kraangdroid was wearing a high-tech pirate hat.
  • Kraang Subprime's line "Here's Kraangy!" is a reference to The Shining's famous quote "Here's Johnny!", which in turn is a reference to the catchphrase used for introducing Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.
  • When the Mighty Mutanimals get free Leatherhead yells "Freedom!" which is reminiscent of Mel Gibson's last line in Braveheart'


  • In the episode "Into Dimension X!," it was stated that there is a time differential between Dimension X and Earth, being that in Dimension X time goes faster. But in this episode the turtles and the Mutanimals were acting simultaneously in Dimension X and on Earth.


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